Tito calls out Griffin, questions Liddell's health

source: mmabay.co.uk

"The surgery went really, really well. I just started doing weight training so next week I start doing drills."

"I have to make sure I make the right steps for my future and my career. I hope I get the Chuck fight. As a fighter, I would love to kick his ass. As a human being, I don't think he should fight anymore just because health is more important than fights. Grudge matches are important to sell, but at the same time he has kids to take care of and I don't want nothin' serious to happen to him. ... that many times, it gets kinda scary."

"I was really shocked (by the loss to Rich Franklin), I saw all my money go out the window. It is what it is, everything in this world happens for a reason and I'll be back at the end of November. I'd like to fight Forrest. If Forrest would like to do a trilogy it'd be awesome. We gave two great fights both times we fought and we'll get a triple fight more exciting than the last two."

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louden swain site profile image  

7/14/10 12:08 PM by louden swain

""I'm 100% healthy, I'm wrestling with no pain etc." Then he loses to Forrest and after the fight the first thing he says is "I took this fight injured, I had a broken face etc...""remember his respectful post fight speech where he screams at the crowd "you try fighting with a cracked skull"I mean he didn't even try to use a regular injury like bruised ribs, bad shoulder, etc... he flat out said he had a cracked skull...I mean thats almost as bad as claiming to fight while being blind...Jon Jones needs to get a hold of him and send off to the freak show org.

SudburyBJJ site profile image  

7/14/10 11:44 AM by SudburyBJJ

Isn't this the exact same thing he said after his back surgery? "I'm 100% healthy, I'm wrestling with no pain etc." Then he loses to Forrest and after the fight the first thing he says is "I took this fight injured, I had a broken face etc..."This guy has an excuse for everything. I agree about fighting Bonnar. I'd love to see it. I'm sure Tito's wrestling is better, but I wouldn't say his BJJ is better. Bonnar was a student of Carlson Gracie...aside from the triangle that Tito almost got on Machida, when have we seen his BJJ skills? I think Bonnar would win this fight and the back to back wins would be great for his career.Ortiz is from a bygone era.

anunaki site profile image  

7/12/10 5:09 PM by anunaki

He NEEDS to take a fight with bonner.Bonner is still a draw from TUF and Tito would steamroll him.Titos BJJ is better than Bonners and he can outwrestle him too.Easy win to get tito back on track, imo.

LittleKang site profile image  

7/12/10 2:56 PM by LittleKang

Oh Look! Tito is trying be relevant again. Surprise Surprise

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

7/12/10 2:53 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 i'd like him to retire from fighting, and from talking or even typing

rushinbear site profile image  

7/12/10 2:50 PM by rushinbear

anyone know the latest on Tito/Jenna?

Beeno site profile image  

7/12/10 2:46 PM by Beeno

Further fixed.Sorry Tito but time has passed you by. Either fight a middle of the road guy like Brilz, which is a great idea or a Bonnar, or be quiet.

HOWtasteMYbigPP site profile image  

7/12/10 1:55 PM by HOWtasteMYbigPP

He will never fight Rampage.

Gullivers Travels site profile image  

7/12/10 1:25 PM by Gullivers Travels

Jones, Franklin or Rampage make most sense IMO. Chuck does need to retire though, rather than claim he's improved and come out with the same style leaving his chin out in the open.

Zamiel site profile image  

7/12/10 1:22 PM by Zamiel

Feed him to Brilz.