Senate's Reid backs MMA push in New York


    "I'm going to see what I can do to help in New York," Reid said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I'm aware of the issue, and I know a few people in New York. I'm going to see if I can talk a little sense to them. ... I think what they should do is approve the concept and have some great fight cards. It would be great for the state of New York."

    Although lawmakers across the country have long worried about the sport's violence, Reid can assure anybody who asks that there's nothing in MMA they haven't seen in sports already regulated by their states.

    "These, to me, are a fair street fight, and I've been around a few of those in my day," Reid said. "They have 31 different rules. That's a fair street fight. I'm quite impressed. ... They're extremely well conditioned, and there's somebody watching every move they make. Of course people get hurt, but you get hurt playing basketball or football or baseball. I've just enjoyed this so much, and it's so good for Nevada. That's why I love this."

    Reid attended his second UFC show last weekend in Las Vegas. The former boxer, who once judged a fight that Sugar Ray Robinson lost, thought MMA was a fad before brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta brothers bought the promotion and built it into a multimillion-dollar corporation with president Dana White, who sat next to Reid at UFC 116.

    Count Reid among those who consider the UFC to be Las Vegas' pro sports franchise. He was a longtime friend of the late Frank Fertitta Jr., the Station Casinos founder and father of the UFC's owners, who based their company in their native Las Vegas.

    "It's been so terrific for our community, especially in these down economic times," Reid said. "These fights fill hotel rooms and buy dinners, and people gamble a little bit, so from that perspective, it's really wonderful."

    Although he has been interested in boxing since his days at Basic High School in Henderson, Nev., he hasn't always felt warmly about MMA or its outlaw reputation. He compares his initial impressions of MMA to the uncertainty he felt several decades ago when his son, Leif, told his parents he wanted to play an exotic and unfamiliar sport: soccer.

    "I thought, 'What is this kid, a sissy?'" Reid said with a laugh. "I didn't say that to him, but now I'm an avid soccer fan.

    "I felt the same way about these fights the way I felt about soccer," he added. "I didn't want anything to do with these fights. I couldn't imagine that this would be anything but a passing fad. And then I watched it, and having the Fertittas involved, and having Las Vegas the center of these attractions, I started focusing on them. Now, for someone who loves athletics, you couldn't enjoy an evening more."

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jaseprobst site profile image  

7/13/10 11:16 PM by jaseprobst

This is the first time I've ever agreed with Reid on anything.As a member of my tribe, I must shun him for being a Dem.

jbapk site profile image  

7/13/10 10:58 PM by jbapk

Does he get kicked out of parties for being a drunken idiot?

frontrowbrian site profile image  

7/13/10 10:50 PM by frontrowbrian

it's early but Angle is still up in the polls by about 4-5 points. I can't see how Reid's alliance with Obama will help him. Obama is not a popular president  

ajjr0ller site profile image  

7/13/10 9:07 PM by ajjr0ller

TheTFC has successfully ended this thread.

TheTFC site profile image  

7/13/10 8:21 PM by TheTFC

Not exactly sure what you mean, but:Any money given to a campaign must be reported. Any cash more than $50 can not be given anonymously.This includes any service provided for "free" - it must be counted as an "in kind" contribution and counts towards that person's total contribution limit.Also:- No Corporate contributions are allowed.- Individuals are limited to $2,400 per election.- PACs are limited to $5,000 per election.- All individuals must provide their name, employer and occupation (or the campaign must make reasonable efforts to collect that info).- You can not be a federal contractor- You must be 18- You can not use funds that were given to you by someone else for the purposes of circumventing the contribution limits.Don't know if that ansers your question.

TheTFC site profile image  

7/13/10 8:21 PM by TheTFC


jbapk site profile image  

7/13/10 8:11 PM by jbapk

Ah the internet, where any dork can challenge a professional in their field as if they know what they're talking about.

goku site profile image  

7/13/10 8:02 PM by goku

 so tell us wise guru, exactly what are the parameters of what constitutes "fundraising" that needs to be reported

TheTFC site profile image  

7/13/10 7:52 PM by TheTFC

And yea, everything is reported. I am involved in it at the (almost) highest levels of political fundraising (I have current clients who are Congressmen and have had Biden and Bill Clinton host fundraisers for them). If you know what you're doing you can raise a legitimate fortune (MILLIONS) of dollars. And your EXPENSES are checked too...if what you spent doesn't match up to what you brought in and what you reported that's PRISON. It is simply NOT WORTH IT to take under the table $. And if it does happen, it probably happens more at the "Mayor of Pawnee" level than at the federal level.

TheTFC site profile image  

7/13/10 7:48 PM by TheTFC

Bwahahahaha!! Um, no. I do consult fo US House of Rep members though.