Lesnar's BJJ coach denies ADCC rumors

source: facebook.com

i never said that in my life
A 18 year wrestling background help him tremendously when training in Jiu Jitsu. He is rolling with my black belts and winning. The Jiu Jitsu from Brock is phenomenal. His ability to control and defend submissions is now in a whole new level. I recommend the ADCC to him and he will enter in the coming future. I... will be with him and I don't think he will lose.

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goku site profile image  

7/16/10 10:38 AM by goku

 how is a purple when he doesnt know how to do an arm triangle

Kneeblock site profile image  

7/16/10 10:18 AM by Kneeblock

My theory:  Butthurt black belts are offended at the breaking of training omerta. Clusterfackery ensues OR Typical UG trolljob

thefightingsheep site profile image  

7/16/10 9:22 AM by thefightingsheep

Too bad.  I was hoping to see some more of that fantastic guard work he showed in his last fight. 

BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

7/15/10 1:45 AM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

Didn't Rashad get his blackbelt w/o ever putting on a Gi.

SleepingTalon site profile image  

7/15/10 1:38 AM by SleepingTalon

Didn't he say in a previous interview (just before Brock's fight with Randy) that Brock was "purple belt level", not an actual purple belt? It is possible to be on par with other black belts without ever have used a Gi. Jake Shields is a prime example of this. Not sure where Brock is in terms of just sub grappling, but I'm sure he pretty competent on the ground.

ajjr0ller site profile image  

7/15/10 12:58 AM by ajjr0ller

Ask Rashad Evans and Rolles Gracie

BJJkilla site profile image  

7/15/10 12:27 AM by BJJkilla

how do you get a purple belt if you don't even train with the gi?

Brasa jiujitsu site profile image  

7/15/10 12:19 AM by Brasa jiujitsu

Thats what i find in compridos face book:Rodrigo Medeiros wen i copy and past that i start with the words I NEVER SAY THAT. same how i erese the words (say that). is just read my poust36 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · Bruce Hoyer I did some research this was brought up on the MMA.tv forum and was then referenced in Wikipedia from the MMA.tv forum. That forum

EckY site profile image  

7/14/10 6:33 PM by EckY

 knew it.

Droppin Loads On Your Face Son site profile image  

7/14/10 6:04 PM by Droppin Loads On Your Face Son

But origin it was on his facebook