Impact FC weigh in results


All fighters set to compete on this weekend's Impact FC "Uprising 2" card in Australia made their respective weights, and far as shenanigans go, Paulo Filho did not disappoint.

As Jordan Breen reports from Sydney, the maligned middleweight enigma, looking "gaunt and sucked out," missed weight on his first attempt -- which didn't come until 20 minutes after the last fighter weighed in.

After an hour long trip back to the sauna, a depleted "Ely" returned to the scale in his birthday suit. He clocked in at 186, but there's no telling what his condition may be for tomorrow's contest against Denis Kang.

    265 lbs.: Ken Shamrock (212) vs. Pedro Rizzo (244)
    170 lbs.: Paul Daley (171) vs. Daniel Acacio (171)
    265 lbs.: Brad Morris (253) vs. Soa Palelei (289)
    185 lbs.: Paulo Filho (186) vs. Denis Kang (185)
    185 lbs.: Murilo Rua (186) vs. Jeremy May (186)
    185 lbs.: Murilo Bustamante (185) vs. Jesse Taylor (185)
    265 lbs.: Peter Graham (252) vs. Jim York (256)
    205 lbs.: Glover Teixeira (206) vs. Marko Peselj (205)
    145 lbs.: Richie Vaculik (144) vs. Glenn Taylor Smith (143)
    170 lbs.: Shane Nix (169) vs. Manuel Rodriguez (170)

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XFC site profile image  

7/17/10 7:01 PM by XFC

Unsre if they'll make TV but the Soa v Morris fight & Big Jim Vs Peter Graham should be OK. Shame for Brad that he has to rematch Soa at SHW 250 v 289 but happy he got a fight. Peter Graham is a VG striker and Jim too, that is the one I wanna watch (could be quick). The bookies here opened with Jim (12-4) 2/1 under Vs 1-4 Peter!Justin

Theonlyvivid site profile image  

7/17/10 6:56 PM by Theonlyvivid

I am actually anxious to see this card, and for free of course. I was upset because I thought there wasn't any MMA this weekend. Kind of got used to all fights almost every weekend.

Sierra Nevada site profile image  

7/17/10 6:55 PM by Sierra Nevada

Wow. Justin. That is some busch league stuff right there.

XFC site profile image  

7/17/10 6:48 PM by XFC

Judging by the fans that heckled I believe there were plenty of complimentary tickets handed out. I was a judge and felt like I was in the MMA version of "the Wrestler" with these ex name fighters now fighting to a handfull of people & a few other similarities too :(It's a shame because local grass roots shows here are doing 1500ppl + with a foreigner or 2 at the top of the card & there are shows a plenty!One of the problems was that ticket prices were near UFC Sydney prices on release. Later they dropped the cheapest seats from $82 to $35aud & then aprox 2 weeks out dropped all tix to $55. A few pissed off punters I saw paid near $400 and sat behind a group of $55 buyers!Also the Aussie promoter/backer has had a real bad week being attached to the BIGGEST salary cap breach in Aussie sports history. (dont know full details but they are talking about fraud charges - not neccisarily to him)Sadly I dont expect Uprising 3 in Australia any time soon :(Justin

Sierra Nevada site profile image  

7/17/10 6:35 PM by Sierra Nevada

 What the hell is wrong with the promoters? (Hope you were not one of them. If you were, sorry).

WhereisurkaratenowPLAYBOY site profile image  

7/17/10 6:31 PM by WhereisurkaratenowPLAYBOY

wtf?no mma fans in Oz???oh wait...400

Wes_Mantooth site profile image  

7/17/10 6:27 PM by Wes_Mantooth


XFC site profile image  

7/17/10 6:25 PM by XFC

Did I mention it ws a 12'000 seat venue :(Justin

Sierra Nevada site profile image  

7/17/10 6:24 PM by Sierra Nevada

^^^ LOL @ 11,600 spare seats :(

XFC site profile image  

7/17/10 5:59 PM by XFC

You guys shoulda came to Brisbane if you really wanted to watch as they had about 11'600 spare seats :(Justin