ABC Annual Conference: Day 1

source: The Underground

The Association of Boxing Commissions Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA just completed its first full day.

The day began with various reports, and the induction of two new members, the St. Regis Mohawks Athletic Commission and the Three Affiliated Tribes Commission of Athletic Regulation.

Doc Hamilton conducted a two-hour presentation on proposed changes in the scoring system, most notably the addition of half-point scoring.

The records keeper for boxing, President of FightFax Ani Miramontes went over the challenges and successes of maintaining suspensions in prize fighting over the last year.

The ABC MMA Database Committee reported on records and suspensions in MMA during the previous year. This was followed by a presentatjon by MMA records keepers Kirik Jenness and Chris Palmquist.

Then followed a closed-door session where the disciplinary committee reported on member commissions who failed to maintain suitable standards.

Jeremy Lappen and J.T. Steele directors of C.A.M.O. reported on amateur mma sanctioning in the Golden State.

Finally the site for the 2011 convetion site was introduced - Washington, DC. A call for 2012 destinations was made and responded to.

Then everyone enjoyed free cocktails sponsored by the Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission.

The Annual Conference completes on Wednesday, July 21.

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Kirik site profile image  

7/21/10 1:30 AM by Kirik

 Hey Oscar, thanks for the offer. Unfort I am out in the am back to Mass. Sure wish I could stay, too. Have a famous time man!

Haulport site profile image  

7/21/10 12:25 AM by Haulport

Yeah I remember Keith............. A few guys tried to actually CHANGE things for the better and that was promptly SQUASHED by the absurd bureacracy in charge of MMA.............. I'd still love for you to answer my years old question about why it's okay for states to FORCE mma and boxing into these laughable Commission regulations and why INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS sports like High School football, the NFL, rugby and cheerleading (yes, cheerleading) don't have to abide by the ACs. Oh and please explain how that isn't "selective enforcement" while you're at it................ *awaits a wise-ass remark that side-steps the difficult issue I brought up*

bryanlaiko site profile image  

7/20/10 8:29 PM by bryanlaiko

was there any mention about trying to get the downward elbow rule removed in MMA competition, or is this not something regulated by this commission.

OscarG site profile image  

7/20/10 3:26 PM by OscarG

hehe. I'm in town for a bachelor party. If I can sit down with some people, like Kirik, i'd like to buy them a drink and get some stuff on camera. oscar

KeithKizer site profile image  

7/20/10 1:49 PM by KeithKizer

So you don't know where the meeting is occurring yet you are going to arrive there on Thursday afternoon.  Is this Nicholas van Orton?  

OscarG site profile image  

7/20/10 1:38 PM by OscarG

 Where is this occurring? Kirik will you be staying longer than wednesday? I arrive thursday afternoon and would enjoy the opportunity to interview you for our website. oscar

CageSide site profile image  

7/20/10 1:31 PM by CageSide

mr kizer, your example of 10-8.5 vs 10-8 is a good one that i think the half pt system could be useful. in a three round fight in particular, it is difficult to give a 10-8, but if the looser of the round offered no offense or meaningful defense, but was not beat up, an 8.5 would seem more fair. likewise, if the round is very close, giving the loser a 9.5 appears more fair vs a 9. the judges still need to choose the winner, the half points might make things more fair. didnt K1 in NV use the half points? how do you think that went.thanks for your input. kizer>>>>>profato

KeithKizer site profile image  

7/20/10 1:22 PM by KeithKizer

I think it is something to keep in mind.  I am all for giving judges additional tools if those tools are effective.  One issue I see is that there are debates at times as to whether a certain round should have been scored 10-9 or 10-8.  I can imagine it being even more difficult to differentiate between a 10-8.5 and a 10-8 for a round. I do not think the number of rounds scheduled for a contest or exhibition is at all relevant as each round is supposed to be judged on its own merit.

KeithKizer site profile image  

7/20/10 1:11 PM by KeithKizer

 in the house or in limbo?

Kirik site profile image  

7/20/10 1:09 PM by Kirik

Nick limbo is in the house!