ABC Annual Conference: Day 2

source: The Underground

The Association of Boxing Commissions Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA just completed its second full day. In comparison with the previous day, the focus moved significantly from MMA to professional boxing.

Various commissioners reported on  judging, medical issues, amateur sanctioning, and more.

The latter half of the day focused notably in legal and medical issues, with esteemed Attorney Pat English providing an extensive presentation, followed by neurologist Dr. John Stiller covering brain trauma and use of CT scans. After further presentations, the day closed with a demonstration of hand wrapping by Jacob "Stitch" Duran who taped the hands of Texas boxing titan Dickie Cole, left for boxing, and right for MMA.

Tomorrow the conference turns back to MMA with among other topics a demonstration of MMA fouls and submissions by John McCarthy. Other topics will include Muay Thai, Pankration, Amateur MMA, and steroid testing. In addition to McCarthy, notables presenting include Dr, Sheryl Wulkan, Nick Lembo, Greg Sirb, and Mike Mazzulli.


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7/21/10 11:14 AM by Mister Saigon


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7/21/10 9:11 AM by Kirik

  Amazon S3 Services are required to upload video via the Asset Manager // That was stitch demonstrating how to tape for boxing and for MMA. He taped up Dickie Cole, a former boxer and kindof legendary figure in the Texas boxing scene.

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7/21/10 8:48 AM by Savitar

Looks like they're playing craps or something in this picture. Is that how they decide major issues, a dice game?

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7/21/10 2:38 AM by jfrank

Lets hope for open ears and minds for the Pankration presenation!!