Ruediger calls for return to UFC, wants Wiman and Lauzon

by Gabe Ruediger | source: The Underground

Posted: 1 day ago
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fight 2 members from the Season of TUF I was on. I realize they are both WAY better than me and I dont stand a chance, but I would still like to do it.  *please note sarcasm*

After Mac Danzig kicks Matt Wiman's ass I would like the pleasure of fighting him next.  The other fight that I would like is Joe Lauzon. Now,unlike Wiman, I dont have any ill will towards Joe, but I think that would be a great fight.


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11/30/10 8:37 AM by HardHittingHeeb


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9/4/10 10:11 AM by MJG


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9/1/10 3:35 PM by brahmabull81

Why do people judge others in situations they themselves would never even have the guts to go through? Fuck you sir, and die.

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9/1/10 2:27 PM by Morgz

Are we allowed to be a fan of both of them?

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9/1/10 2:08 PM by Big Pun

Because he was fully aware enough to be a dick about the handshake and even more of a dick backstage. In addition to the fact we could see his eyes and the quit in them right after the armbar. He was fully aware, he just got beat. This is just another in a long line of excuses. How many times does he have to be full of shit before you nuthuggers realize the facts? Gabe is a shitty fighter and a quitter. He's also a classless liar on top of it. Joe is a forum member, why not be his fan instead? Other than the fact he looks like a child molester I mean.

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9/1/10 2:02 PM by Big Pun

He's a quitter. He got his shot and blew it more than once. He deserves nothing now. He was also classless in his loss refusing to squash it after the beating. He now claims he has no memory of the armbar. I guess he does not realize there were alot of cameras there. He laid down and took a one sided ass kicking and didn't even try to get a win. Once he saw he was outmatched in the first minute of the fight he quit. Tell us again what he "deserves". Your definition of deserving and mine must differ.

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9/1/10 1:41 PM by Morgz

 He's accomplished quite a bit.  Maybe you just haven't seen some of his other fights?  He's lost to Melvin and now Joe in the UFC.  Between those, he's like 7-2 with about 5 wins in a row, some of them over some decent names and strong up and comers.  He earned it, IMO. On the same token I really would like to see Killa Bee back REAL soon.  I'm guessing one or two quality wins in regional shows and we will.

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8/31/10 10:59 PM by Jack Skellington

 Jeez he would have to be