Rickson Gracie featured in EA Sports MMA

source: middleeasy.com

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Stephen_Carnes site profile image  

7/31/10 8:53 AM by Stephen_Carnes

Thanks, looks like I know one of my birthday presents.

Justin Smith site profile image  

7/22/10 7:50 PM by Justin Smith

October 16th

Theonlyvivid site profile image  

7/22/10 12:56 PM by Theonlyvivid

The graphics look really good..im hyped.

unique_devil site profile image  

7/22/10 12:51 PM by unique_devil

He appears courtesy of Ookla the Mok.

leifdawg site profile image  

7/22/10 11:41 AM by leifdawg

You guys are crazy, the graphics and gameplay for Undisputed 2010 are awesome. They just screwed up big time with the infrastructure.

Fapping2Glamcock site profile image  

7/22/10 11:34 AM by Fapping2Glamcock

Ok unless this game gets less than a 6.0 I am buying it for Ken Thx ME

Granpa site profile image  

7/22/10 11:29 AM by Granpa

I have a feeling this game is going to make UFC Undisputed look like the overrated piece of crap it is.

ajsr site profile image  

7/22/10 11:15 AM by ajsr


studiocamp site profile image  

7/22/10 10:54 AM by studiocamp

Why is Rickson checking out his package?


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