Bellator offers disgruntled Herman bout with Rodriguez

by Mike Chiapetta | source:

Heavyweight prospect Dave Herman  is currently embroiled in a breach of contract lawsuit against Bellator, but the promotion has made another attempt at reconciliation, offering him a Sept. 9 date against former UFC champion Ricco Rodriguez, MMA Fighting has learned.

Herman (16-2), signed with the upstart promotion nearly two years ago, yet has fought only once under their banner, earning a first-round TKO over Josh Barnes in May 2009.

Earlier this week, reported that Herman has initiated litigation against Bellator, and the promotion responded with a countersuit of its own.

The 25-year-old is considered a rising star in the heavyweight ranks. Nicknamed "Pee Wee," the 6-foot-5, 240-pounder went 3-0 during a run in the now-defunct EliteXC promotion, earning wins over quality veterans Ron Waterman and Kerry Schall.

It remains unclear whether Herman will consider the offer, though a source with knowledge of the situation said Rodriguez has accepted the fight, which would take place in New Orleans.

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ajsr site profile image  

7/30/10 8:59 AM by ajsr

Ken's attitude suddenly makes a lot more sense.  

Steve4192 site profile image  

7/30/10 6:58 AM by Steve4192

After hearing that the Pav helped Bellator construct their restrictive contracts (an action in blatent conflict with his duties to his clients), they might take you up on that. ttt for the Pav

Jiu Jitsu Panda site profile image  

7/29/10 8:24 PM by Jiu Jitsu Panda

I was at Ricco's last fight in Ft. Wayne. Yes He looked good and in shape weighing in at 224lbs for that fight. The local fighter did a good job off his back and almost got a few armbars on Ricco. He went for a sweep which he almost had that would of put him in the mount on top of Ricco. Ricco Grabbed the Cage blatenly to prevent getting swept, which put him in perfect position for the Heel Hook. I think Pee Wee would win this fight if it happens. Ricco did say his next fight would most likely be at 205lbs. just my 2 cents(Edited for spelling)

TMFY site profile image  

7/29/10 7:38 PM by TMFY

Well here, since no one else seems to want to take on this ?, I'll go ahead and break it down for you.BJJ - Advantage obviously goes to Ricco, but in order for Ricco to use his BJJ he's going to have to take Herman down, which is definitely not going to be easy, and he's going to pay trying.Wrestling - Advantage easily goes to Herman. We're talking about a D-1 level wrestler who hung with guy's like Cole Konrad, compared to a guy whose wrestling career ended after high school. Dave will control where the fight happens.Standing - Now this is where things are interesting. Ricco may be the more polished striker (and even that is a questionable statement to those who know and train with Herman), but not very often, especially recently, has Ricco shown KO power standing. As for Dave, he may not be as technical a striker as Ricco, but for what he lacks in technique he more than makes up for in speed and power.So in my opinion, here's how this fight would go down:Fighter's come out of their corner's, Ricco may tag Dave a couple times standing, but when Dave connects, and he will connect, he's going to hurt Ricco. Ricco will decide to go for a sloppy takedown, and this is where Dave makes him pay with elbows and hammerfists, eventually setting Ricco up for the (T)KO.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

7/29/10 5:29 PM by Cyril Jeff

 no offence to PeeWee, but I don't think he does...

anunaki site profile image  

7/29/10 4:53 PM by anunaki

I still dont see how herman can with this fight, fuck the two agents!(no offense fellas)how does herman beat a re-invigorated Ricco?

Fighttrader site profile image  

7/29/10 4:49 PM by Fighttrader


Fighttrader site profile image  

7/29/10 4:05 PM by Fighttrader


KenP site profile image  

7/29/10 4:01 PM by KenP

Now now lets try to stay rational and not emotional.  Your clients deserve it.  I know how we can solve this like adults, gentlemen, and sportsmen.  It seems so obvious... RICCO V PEE WEE.

fanoffights site profile image  

7/29/10 3:44 PM by fanoffights

I just walked into a gold mine here. This may get interesting as long as Ken doesn't do a tuck and roll from this thread.