Modafferi reflects on Kaufman bout

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Good experience at Strikeforce, Washington

From: Rox19
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 I had a great time at Strikeforce.  Except for the end. LOL That was a pretty cool slam, though...too bad I was on the receiving end. @_@;;  My head doesn't hurt... just kind of sluggish, but it could be jet-lag and lack of sleep as well.

I learned a lot from that fight, technique wise.  She used her head really really well in the clinch, for example. And was really good at deflecting and neutralizing gnp.

I want to thank everyone of you guys and gals who are fans for being nice to me and supporting me.  And to the writers and photograpehrs and media for working hard to cover the events, and to Strikeforce promotors and sponsors for running their businesses and making this sport work. It takes everyone to keep the sport of MMA going and growing. 

And thank you to Sarah.  You're a good champion and a great representative for the sport, not to mention for the women's side of the sport, too.
(p.s. That was cool how you ducked under my spinning back-fist...LOL) 

(after the fight, at the hotel.

click here to see more pics....


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Rand McPherson site profile image  

7/25/10 10:38 PM by Rand McPherson

Good fight, good game plan. You were likely ahead on the score cards up to that point. The slam was cool and unfortunate at the same time. I've enjoyed your last two fights tremendously!

buvaiser site profile image  

7/25/10 9:40 PM by buvaiser

your mind wanted to go but your body didn't listen.I was kinda interested in seeing if you remembered the ref doing a wwf pin on wishes in future fights.

redneckbjj site profile image  

7/25/10 9:12 PM by redneckbjj


PCCHI site profile image  

7/25/10 8:59 PM by PCCHI

Next time you see Mauro, knee him in the nuts while you simultaneously say "knuck knuck knuck." He made a joke at your expense in the opening seconds of the fight, and I thought he came across like a tool.Ironic that he'd be joking like that given his unintentional Tito impression that he was stuck in that night.

FlyingKneeKO site profile image  

7/25/10 8:47 PM by FlyingKneeKO

That slam was insane. If I would of been on the receiving end I'd still be in a coma.

nyhcloyalty site profile image  

7/25/10 8:01 PM by nyhcloyalty

Always got love for Rox.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

7/25/10 7:34 PM by UltraMagnus

That was a great fight and actually she was winning that round until ...Man I wish I coulda saw that card in person and I live in Seattle I coulda made that trip....

Mister Saigon site profile image  

7/25/10 7:33 PM by Mister Saigon

solid fight by you girls, nice work.Roxy if you honestly want to win a title in this sport you need to get stronger chica.Good luck, always fun to watch you fight.

ninjaboy562 site profile image  

7/25/10 7:15 PM by ninjaboy562