Kaufman's slam of Modaferri makes ESPN's top plays

source: mmajunkie.com

Strikeforce women's welterweight champion Sarah Kaufman's slam-knockout of title challenger Roxanne Modafferi continues generating interest.

In fact, the Showtime-televised Strikeforce Challengers 9 co-headliner earned a spot on ESPN "SportsCenter's" Plays of the Week.

The vicious knockout earned the No. 4 spot on the internationally broadcast top-10 list.

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liquidrob site profile image  

7/28/10 4:58 PM by liquidrob

ttt for Sarah 'Main Card' Kaufman

Sarah Kaufman site profile image  

7/28/10 4:54 PM by Sarah Kaufman

 I agree Tony, Roxy is a great representative for the sport...and Roxy - I agree that it was pretty wicked that we were the lone non-baseball highlight!!

FlyingKneeKO site profile image  

7/27/10 2:40 PM by FlyingKneeKO

Cool to see MMA get some exposure like that.

Maulinator1 site profile image  

7/27/10 2:36 PM by Maulinator1

Congrats again! Most viewers on the Showtime card and now a highlight spot! Roxy and Sarah are 2 of the best things to happen to FeMMA. Thanks again for representing us all so well!

Tony Manifold site profile image  

7/27/10 2:17 PM by Tony Manifold

 Roxy, this is why you will always have fans. Not to many people get excited about being on the recieving end of a Highlight slam lol. Not to mention you are the only person I have ever seen smile more on their way to the cage then Sarah. You can tell you really love the sport and are not just in it to get an acting or Modeling gig like some people  :cough: erin :cough:

mmabbn site profile image  

7/26/10 5:50 PM by mmabbn

ttt for Sarah and Roxy

Rox19 site profile image  

7/26/10 4:38 PM by Rox19

.......FREAKING SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D!!!We were the only non-baseball moment? LOL GO female fighters!

Knux site profile image  

7/26/10 4:25 PM by Knux

 i saw the #2 play of the week live at dodger's stadium. mets were making tons of good catches that night! Bay made a similar catch later on in the game and almost hit his face again lol  congrats on being on ESPN, Sarah!!!!  

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

7/26/10 3:50 PM by Reed Rothchild

 99% of those people at espn are tools

mikecard site profile image  

7/26/10 3:47 PM by mikecard

That Jay Bay catch was fucking sick...too bad he cant hit a fucking homer this year