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About a week ago, UFC boss Dana White ran into Floyd Mayweather at the Hard Rock in Vegas.

“When’s this fight gonna happen?” asked White referring to the prospect of Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao.

“What do you care?” said Mayweather. “You got the UFC.”

“I’m a boxing fan,” said White, who is, in fact, a boxing fan, and from way back.

“Well, I’m not desperate,” sneered Mayweather.

Desperate? Who said anything about desperate?

The man who calls himself “Money” stood to gain between $45 and $60 million fighting Pacquiao, depending on whom you believe. Instead, Mayweather (undefeated in 41 fights) — whose camp has long argued his hypothetical superiority over the likes of such scrubs as Sugar Ray Robinson (with a mere 202 pro bouts) and Muhammad Ali — takes a pass on history and fortune, leaving Pacquiao to fight … Antonio Margarito.

I’m with Dana White here, a guy who’s had his public spats with both Mayweather and Arum. “It’s Floyd Mayweather’s fault,” he says. “You’re supposed to be a professional.”

Fighters are supposed to fight. What’s more, great fighters are obliged to fight other great ones. “You claim to be the best in the world,” says White. “You should take on the best until you retire, cement your place in history.”

That’s easy for White to say. After all, he controls his fighters. If that’s a subject for another day, it’s also the biggest single reason that mixed-martial arts has overtaken boxing in all but the most rarefied pay-per-view levels. Whatever combat aesthetic you fancy (I prefer boxing), the UFC guarantees that the best fight the best. In boxing, you hope and wait two years, and get what? Pacquiao-Margarito.

“For denying them this fight, boxing fans should never buy another Floyd Mayweather fight as long as they live,” says White.

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Recent Comments »

bsrizpac site profile image  

7/28/10 10:36 AM by bsrizpac

lol@your trolling. TUF clown.

MNFAN site profile image  

7/28/10 10:27 AM by MNFAN

It's become crystal clear that Floyd is just going to continue to duck Pac until he either loses, or looks bad winning.And that's coming from a guy that would be rooting for Floyd to win if the fight ever happens, and I don't think it will.

FloridaStriker site profile image  

7/28/10 7:22 AM by FloridaStriker

PreMadonnas in boxing? Cowards in boxing? You don't say...

3ightY site profile image  

7/28/10 5:18 AM by 3ightY

http://sports.yahoo.com/box/news?slug=ki-floydducking072710Wow, this just put a nail in the COFFIN of the Pretty One. This has got to be one of the BIGGEST PR blunders in sports history. Iole could easily be counted as a May supporter. He just called him a coward. May and his camp are DELUSIONAL to the upteenth degree.

Slipperypescado site profile image  

7/27/10 6:20 PM by Slipperypescado

 It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll oveeeerrrrrrrrr!!! ITs over , ITS OVER

UltraMagnus site profile image  

7/27/10 5:49 PM by UltraMagnus


NarlyPersianDude site profile image  

7/27/10 5:43 PM by NarlyPersianDude

Manny would not only beat Floyd, he would ko him. Moseley hurt Floyd, but kind of backed and/or did not have the skills, Manny has the skills, and Floyd knows this and this is why the fight has not already happened, everything else is bullshit, do I think Arum is some kind of saint, no, he's a loser, but this is not about Arum or Golden Boy, its about Manny and Floyd,by the way, look at them against common opponents,Floyd barely beat Oscar, and hardly looked great, and eeked out a dec, and on that, had they given the win to De La Hoya, it would have been a bad call, but not a travesty,Hatton went a lot of rounds with Floyd, it took Floyd a lot of time to put him awayManny destroyed Oscar more than anyone ever did, and Oscar fought everybody, Oscar is a real fighter, he did not bullshit and only take winnable fight, Manny beat him up worse than even Bernard Hopkins did.Manny basically retired Hatton, in what 3 rounds, in one of the most hardcore ko's you will ever seeFloyd is a scared bitch, his goal, is not about being the best or fighting the best, its about money and retiring undefeated, Manny already, even if they dont fight, has surpassed Floyd in legacy,ability, and actual accomplishment.

UltraMagnus site profile image  

7/27/10 5:43 PM by UltraMagnus


BadRed site profile image  

7/27/10 5:40 PM by BadRed

Consider how Ray Robinson, the real greatest of all time, conducted himself when it came to fighting other great champions of his time:Fought Jake LaMotta 5 timesFought Carmen Basilio 2 timesFought Gene Fullmer 4 timesFought Kid Gavilan 2 timesOr consider how the real greats of today handle themselves:Barrera & Morales fought 3 timesMarquez & Vasquez fought 4 times (first 3 fights were possibly the greatest trilogy in boxing history!!!!!)The point being that history's truly great fighters have never hesitated to put it on the line against the best competition available.

uniquetechnique site profile image  

7/27/10 5:38 PM by uniquetechnique

As some of you know Im doing a special video gig for Floyd and spoke with him not too long ago. I asked if he was still planning on fighting pacquiao he said probably in the near future since pacquaio was already set to fight margarito. I told him ,just to build up his confidence "Didn't De La Hoya say that you would whoop pacquaio" his response was " If you were a promoter, you'd say the same fuc*in thing to my face jomama".


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