GSP training with Roger Gracie in England


Current champion of the welterweight of UFC, the Canadian Georges St. Pierre is an example of athlete to be followed and always travels the world in the search of new kinds of trainings and techniques. When he’s in Brazil, GSP uses to go to Nova União and Gracie Barra and is well seen by the Brazilians. In a news published on Sensei SporTV’s blog, GSP went to England to solve some personal issues and took some time to visit the three-time absolute world champion, Roger Gracie. The biggest champion of all times of the gentle art complimented GSP.

“Saint-Pierre is a great guy (as a person). As for his Jiu-Jitsu, he has a good technique, and that’s so true that he doesn’t depend on his strength and explosion – his main skills on MMA”, said Roger, who plans to fight MMA this year. “My plans for the rest of the year are not set yet. I’m intending to do one more MMA fight, but there’s nothing confirmed. Jiu-Jitsu will have to wait until next year”, said Roger to Sensei’s blog.

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