Davis: 'Toney is dead-meat'

source: buddhasport.com

Matt Bull: Your fighting Nate Diaz at UFC 118. How is training going?

Marcus Davis: "It's going great I spent three weeks at Team Gurgel. I had Jorge and Rich Franklin working with me pushing me physically and mentally and working with Dustin Hazelett because he has a fight next week against Rick Story. I've been working on my anti-jiu-jitsu and wrestling a lot, at the same time helping Dustin with some stand up stuff because Rick Story is also a southpaw

MB: Working on your anti-jiu-jitsu you have some of the best guys to emulate Nate's style with Jorge and Dustin wouldn't you say?

MD: "Yeah with them knowing the things Nate's strong at they can focus and try to catch me in that stuff. I was really pleased with the outcome and I feel really good and confident."

MB: With Nate Diaz being so good at jiu-jitsu and has good boxing what part of his game are you most worried about?

MD: "His jiu-jitsu is my main concern, his wrestling and his jiu-jitsu is what I'm concentrating on the most. You got to remember look at his career and look at the people he's fought there is only one guy he fought in his entire career that he has fought that you can call a legitimate striker and that's Melvin [Guillard] and I think he was winning that fight before he got caught in that guillotine. He hasn't really fought anybody that moves like I do and I don't think that fans really give enough credit to what good footwork means and what good footwork can do. Footwork puts you where you need to be hit somebody and also gets you out of the way so you don't get hit. I think I have some of the best footwork in the UFC, like my fight with Paul Kelly I never took one punch not one strike in two rounds."

MB: Boxing.

MD: "The past."

MB: The UFC.

MD: "Number one growing sport in the world."

MB: James Toney.

MD: "Dead meat.(laughs)"

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8/2/10 10:47 PM by PoppinFresh

davis isnt even irish!

BUDDHASPORT site profile image  

8/2/10 10:46 PM by BUDDHASPORT

It's a cool website.. Davis is a great guy his site is pretty cool, I think hardy was just busting balls, Thats what Dan does..   

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8/2/10 9:44 PM by superCalo

Quite a good website actually, looks nothing like Dan Hardy described at all.

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8/2/10 9:42 PM by Mmanizzle

Like Dan Hardy said, his website irishhandgrenade.com/index2.html looks like St. Patrick's Day exploded... LOL?

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8/2/10 4:37 PM by PoppinFresh

davis is not irish!

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8/2/10 4:35 PM by thforklift

Good interview!

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8/2/10 4:27 PM by BUDDHASPORT

 I'm pretty sure he was talking about Toney in his fight with Couture. lol

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8/2/10 3:53 PM by Mister Saigon

Clubber owns Marcus

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8/2/10 3:53 PM by voorhees