Kenda Perez photoshoot for UFC magazine

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Butch170 site profile image  

8/5/10 9:46 AM by Butch170

Kendra is hot

GC111 site profile image  

8/5/10 6:42 AM by GC111

I could be wrong but it looks like a faded scar underneath her breast

frontrowbrian site profile image  

8/5/10 3:55 AM by frontrowbrian

I'm just relaying what I witnessed being at a ton of shows. Edith got this crazy reaction every time. Arriany not as good and Logan was a very distant third. I think a lot of the reaction the girls get has to do with their demeanor as they held the card and walked. Edith came off as a porn star. Very mature and confident. A walking sex symbol. Arriany comes across as more timid and perhaps even a bit unsure of herself which is really obvious when she does interviews. Almost embarassed at the attention she was getting. Logan's problem was she looked so young, the mostly male audience sat on their hands because she sort of reminded them of a high school girl despite being very beautiful. And if you're a normal non perverted adult male and not a creep, the high school girl image is a bit creepy. In terms of looks, Arriany is a much better looking girl than Edith but Edith was always more popular with the testosterone and booze fueled crowd. She got over too much to the point where she overshadowed Arriany and Arriany is UFC's golden girl.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

8/5/10 3:38 AM by SKARHEAD

Shut up. Arianny is a beautiful girl. Edith looked like a transvestite horse. You must LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the plastic surgery, botox lip, rhino plasty, cheaply done fakkies look.

Archangel site profile image  

8/4/10 11:08 PM by Archangel


blue63 site profile image  

8/4/10 10:41 PM by blue63

 I miss Edith and her nice jiggly breasts :(

Vinnie G site profile image  

8/4/10 10:34 PM by Vinnie G

Saying no homo isn't going to save you on that one man.

gward armbar site profile image  

8/4/10 6:11 PM by gward armbar

i think its a little bad that she obviously knows next to nothing about MMA, nohomo but i would have preferred someone like Bas or Rogan hosting BoP.

FlyingKneeKO site profile image  

8/4/10 5:56 PM by FlyingKneeKO

I don't understand why the UFC can't have more than two ring girls.

HtownLegend site profile image  

8/4/10 5:33 PM by HtownLegend

wow, I had no idea... Thanks for the info