Sakara out, Vedepo in vs. Harris at UFC 118 in Boston

by Damon Martin | source:

A change has been made to the upcoming UFC 118 card in Boston as Alessio Sakara has been forced off the show with an injury, and Joe VeDepo has been tapped as a replacement to face Gerald Harris on the Boston show.

The other piece of news out of this situation is that the new fight agreed upon between Harris and Vedepo will no longer make the televised portion of the Spike TV preliminary show, as confirmed by sources close to the negotiations.

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Mike Chiappetta site profile image  

8/5/10 9:55 PM by Mike Chiappetta

OP, thanks for posting my story. Link:

Joe Ray Fan site profile image  

8/5/10 9:45 PM by Joe Ray Fan

 I still have my doubts about the Toney fight.

Nicknitro site profile image  

8/5/10 9:15 PM by Nicknitro

lol everybody called this. The fight card was too good to be true, someone always gets injured and pulls out.

Joe Ray Fan site profile image  

8/5/10 9:14 PM by Joe Ray Fan

 First Baroni, Now Sakara. Fuck this shit. WTF

powerstrike site profile image  

8/5/10 9:09 PM by powerstrike

did his dad die again? lame

GagasSoldierisAmaroon site profile image  

8/5/10 8:59 PM by GagasSoldierisAmaroon

 are you seriosly f'ing serious...what the f! i am going to this event..and let me tell you. i am dissapoint. Alessio Sakara is my favroite fighter and is off the card, Paul Harris vs Marquardt was one of the best the card! Been a Baroni fan for a long ass time..hes off the card. Was hoping to see Etim win, and he is announced as off the card.. if James Toney doesnt fight, it will just be the icing on top of the cake for pissing me off.

Kostakio site profile image  

8/5/10 8:57 PM by Kostakio

Bobby Lupz will NOT be happy. Someone's gonna get a visit paid to them!

FrateTrane_MaimedShane site profile image  

8/5/10 8:43 PM by FrateTrane_MaimedShane

BoooooooooooSakara gets injured alot, no?

WheresBobbySouthworth site profile image  

8/5/10 8:42 PM by WheresBobbySouthworth

Wow. Rivera vs Sakara was solid, then Sakara vs Harris was good, and now Vedepo vs Harris is meh.