Lauzon: 'Different opponent, same outcome'

by Joe Lauzon | source:

As a fighter that has spent over 3 months training for a fight, I received the worst email possible yesterday. “Terry Etim is out with an injury. Looking for a replacement”. Wonderful.

I spent 3 months training for a 6’1″ kickboxer with slick BJJ. I knew the replacement would never be even close to that. We had done a LOT of very specific training for Terry, which was all for nothing. I hope Terry has a speedy recovery and maybe we can do it down the line.

The UFC was looking for a replacement and they found one in Gabe Ruediger.

Gabe was on my team on The Ultimate Fighter and is most known for getting a colonic, arguing with people in the house (mainly Matt Wiman), not making weight because he was eating cake and ice cream… and then eventually being kicked out of the house by Dana White. Not exactly the light anyone wants to be cast it, but Gabe dug his own grave.

Before Gabe was casted out of the house, I trained with him a good amount and it went both ways. He caught me, I caught him. I think I got the best of him on the ground while he got the best of me on the feet. We have gone back and forth about things on The Underground on a few occasions, and this fight has a lot of history behind it.

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Joe Ray Fan site profile image  

8/7/10 10:51 AM by Joe Ray Fan

 This is going to be an excellent fight, I think I like Gabe to win it. Both guys can't lose, but I think Gabe really can't lose.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

8/7/10 10:41 AM by Hong Kong Phooey


TheComish site profile image  

8/7/10 5:41 AM by TheComish

 Gabe is gonna take his one for sure!!!

Monsters Ball site profile image  

8/7/10 5:32 AM by Monsters Ball

Yeah Joe would never embrace Creepy so you know he won't walk out wearing a Fudgie the Whale costume either. Joe is a serious young man.

slamming site profile image  

8/7/10 3:26 AM by slamming

Joe's reluctance to embrace a nickname that his fans give him is disappointing. TTT for CREEPY.

EEEEE site profile image  

8/7/10 2:52 AM by EEEEE


knockoutfighter site profile image  

8/7/10 12:20 AM by knockoutfighter

Joe will retire Gabe from the UFC, imo. Gabe should have gone after the Wiman fight, much easier opponent style wise.

ramit upper site profile image  

8/6/10 11:17 PM by ramit upper

damn right homie!!!!!! J-LAU dodged a bullet for sure!!!!    edit- just noticed i already replied to thread..    BUT either way Lauzon luckily avoided a brutal beatdown!!!!!!! WAR ETIM!!

Yer_Momma site profile image  

8/6/10 11:16 PM by Yer_Momma

 Congrats Gabe on getting another shot! The guy has been on a tear as of late.  People mess up, hopefully that's all behind him.


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