Struve 'shuts up and fights'



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Saint721 site profile image  

8/9/10 10:13 AM by Saint721

i heard "if u get a good surgeon it should be ok"

snowman95 site profile image  

8/9/10 6:06 AM by snowman95

Leg kicks don't win fights

ya site profile image  

8/9/10 5:23 AM by ya

So Story did the same exact thing against Hazelett in round one but no complaints there? Awesome.By the way, Struve said he nearly fainted before the start of round two.Great comeback!

nostripewhite site profile image  

8/9/10 3:36 AM by nostripewhite

Yup, and that's why he lost, he should have taken Struve down and hammer fisted his face again.

MMA Monkey site profile image  

8/9/10 2:48 AM by MMA Monkey

That leg kick off the glove touch was cheap ass fuck. You could tell that Warcraft was pissed off because he started swinging for the fences afterward

VANISM site profile image  

8/9/10 1:31 AM by VANISM

Struve is a fucking warrior. He tapped hands and then went to work..allbeit a tad quick for some of the eatarse cunts here but he was ready to roll! He got beat down but still stood there and traded like a real warrior. He is awesome and has great heart. All the best to him.

Phillybrawler site profile image  

8/9/10 12:46 AM by Phillybrawler

Fuck those hand taps......its a fight.I been in a couple fights...I never tapped hands before trying to break my foot off in somebody's ass (or they broke one off in mine)I think all the lovey-dovey bullshit should be saved for after the final bell.Just my 2 centeses.

GoldMedaLInTapping(R) site profile image  

8/8/10 11:29 PM by GoldMedaLInTapping(R)

 i was more impressed with Morecraft

Dale Henson site profile image  

8/8/10 11:23 PM by Dale Henson

google the fightit was as soon as they walked out to touch gloves at the beginning of the 2nd.

epwar site profile image  

8/8/10 4:53 PM by epwar

I'm sure Struve is crushed, no doubt.


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