Gracie brothers breakdown Silva's late submission


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nomad1974 site profile image  

8/9/10 1:29 PM by nomad1974

I may be mistaken. But i think they only breakdown main events.

kelby site profile image  

8/9/10 1:03 PM by kelby

why you guys saying shit about rener and the boys. they are doing a great job. bit most of you didn't know jack shit aobut what was going on. the little details, and how to escape is a big bonus for most of us. if chael knew that, he would of been champ right not. they didn't break down hughes choke because they don't know it. that is why. its an old wrestling move. i was taught that move awhile back. so, quit the hate and appreciate what they are offering. and they have to make a living somehow.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

8/9/10 8:37 AM by BuddyRevell


HuntingtonPUNK site profile image  

8/9/10 5:06 AM by HuntingtonPUNK

why dont they breakdown Hughes tapping Almeida?

sanguine cynic site profile image  

8/9/10 4:31 AM by sanguine cynic

Are they always that happy? I've hardly seen anything like that in real life

myee8 site profile image  

8/9/10 12:58 AM by myee8

It'd be good if they could do similar things on how things like what happened to Almeida in terms on how Hughes did it and perhaps how to possibly defend against it.

Freeman site profile image  

8/9/10 12:40 AM by Freeman

 These vids are awesome.   LOL @ Brazilian tap

The Kangaroo site profile image  

8/9/10 12:32 AM by The Kangaroo

You should go to their gym, I know both Ralek and Rener have taken on random fools that have stopped by. (Not sure about Ryron)

12 site profile image  

8/9/10 12:03 AM by 12

go old school and drop in,i aint seen 1 of them matches in a couple yrs.good luck

gward armbar site profile image  

8/8/10 11:56 PM by gward armbar

^ i would fight either of them in MMA.