Soares: Silva almost pulled out of UFC 117 bout

by Percy Crawford | source:

Percy Crawford: That was a nail-biter Ed. Congratulations on the win. How do you feel about the performance?

Ed Soares: Well, I mean, he showed what a champion is made of. He fought through all of that adversity and through all of the things that were going on in there and he stayed focus and never gave up and that's the heart of a champion.

PC: Could you elaborate on the rib injury a little more and how close was Anderson to having to pull out of this fight?

ES: It was really close because the doctors didn't want him to fight. He hurt his rib last Friday in sparring. He hurt it, but he didn't think it was hurt that bad and then Sunday morning, I had about 13 missed calls in a matter of 25 minutes. They were all from Anderson and he was calling me to tell me he was in pain. He couldn't breathe. I took him to the hospital and they X-Rayed each rib and they noticed that it was a bit swollen, but there was no fracture. They said it was bruised ribs, but the way he reacted when they touched it and how tender they were, they said it was in the muscle as well as the bruise. I'm not a doctor, but this is just what they told us. They prescribed some Ibuprofen 800 for him because it was so close to the fight, they couldn't do any Vicodin. The doctors said, "I really don't recommend that he fights," but Anderson said, "No man, the show must go on. I'm going to fight." I put it this way, he was supposed to corner Mark Munoz on Sunday for his fight against Okami, but I made him stay at home in bed. He was just lying around and letting his ribs heal up on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday because we traveled. He didn't train again until we got to Oakland. He gave his ribs about a 5-day rest.

PC: We haven't seen Anderson in that type of danger. What was your thought process as the fight progressed?

ES: I knew he was losing the fight and it was weird man. It was almost like a bad dream. It was like a nightmare, you know what I mean? It was weird because I was stressed and it was a nail-biter, but I don't know man, I was still pretty relaxed.

PC: Anderson almost landed a few submissions and we rarely see his Jiu Jitsu, but I think Chael started just hanging around from top position and once he was kind of inactive, Anderson took advantage of it.

ES: Totally!

PC: Was the issue at the end of the fight Anderson not wanting to let go because he wanted to make sure it was a definite tap?

ES: Yeah, because once he tapped, Chael kept fighting. He didn't let go because he wasn't sure of what was going on. He wasn't going to give that position or submission up until he was sure. Once again, Chael tried to deny that he tapped until he told the ref, "I believe you." it's like, come on dude, that's the same shit you did with Filho and Babalu. If you're going to tap, then tap.

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