Toney: Randy wants to lay on me, I ain't no female

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411's UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn 2 Media Call Report
On The Call: UFC Legend Randy Couture & Boxing Legend James Toney
2:07 PM EST start

*Toney is asked about being the bad guy in this fight. He says he's been the bad guy all his life. "They boo me, I love it."

*Couture says there is no pressure to represent MMA in this fight against boxing because this is a MMA fight.

*Toney says he's not worried about what Randy is going to do because he's going to knock his head off.

*Toney is asked about continuing to box after this fight. Says he's going to defend his boxing titles in October after he beats Couture.

*Couture says he's had to adjust his tactics to adapt to Toney's style of boxing. Says the "Boxing vs. MMA" aspect depends on how Toney and how much MMA he's learned.

*Couture says it's an honor for him to represent MMA in this fight. Says he's brought in a lot of boxers to help him train for this fight.

*Toney says he's had fun training with kicks and the ground game.

*Couture is asked about his chin. Says he's only been knocked out once in his career. Says he's been knocked down a couple of times but doesn't think that has anything to do with his chin.

*Couture is asked about what would happen if Toney takes a swing at Dana White. Says that's what security people are for and doesn't believe Toney will take a swing at Dana.

*Couture says a lot of boxers fail to understand that they need to change their stance due to the takedowns in MMA. Says he isn't worried about Toney saying that he has power from his back.

*Couture expects to weigh in around 220. Toney says he's going to weigh in at 290.

*Toney says he has love for the UFC fans but they shouldn't bet on Randy.

*Toney is asked about whether or not he would let Couture up if he knocks him down. Says if he knocks Couture down, he won't get back up and the UFC will call him the Knockout King.

*Toney says he's a two sport athlete and will keep fighting MMA.

*Couture says the sport of MMA will be fine whether or not he wins or loses. Once again says he feels no pressure representing MMA in this fight. Toney says he represents James Toney and that boxing is the best sport period.

*Couture is asked about moving back to Light Heavyweight after this fight. Says he'll see what happens after this fight and what UFC wants to do.

*Toney is excited to punch Couture with four once gloves. "He says he wants to lay on top of me, God bless him. I aint no female."

*Couture isn't worried about his legacy in fighting someone who Dana White called a "freakshow." Says it's an interesting fight and Toney presents problems.

*Couture says Toney has done a great job of hyping up the fight and that benefits him as well.

*Couture says he's not looking past Toney and thinking about his contract, which will have two fights left after this fight.

*Couture is asked if Anderson Silva has gotten old. Couture doesn't believe that Silva has gotten old, he's just changed his style to fight more not to lose and it caught up to him. Couture says he think he would do well against Silva given his wrestling background and it would be a great fight.

*Toney says Couture won't be the toughest fight of his career. Says Evander Holyfield was the toughest fight of his career.

*Toney says Couture is the only man in boxing or MMA to want to fight him and he thanks him for that.

*Toney is asked about choking out "King Mo" Lawal. Says he's trained with King Mo but didn't say he choked him out.

*Couture says it would be stupid to stand and trade with Toney so he's going to tie him up, put him on the ground, and neutralize his boxing.

*Toney says he's been training for this fight for nine months and that he's ready to go.

*Couture says he doesn't worry about the trash talk. Says he stays focused on the technical aspect and what he needs to do to win. "It makes me smile, it makes me laugh, it's all fun." Says nothing Toney has said is personal.

*Toney says he loves grappling and it's coming naturally to him.

*Couture says wins and loses at this point don't matter as long as he performs well.

*Toney says he doesn't care about the support from the boxing community. Says Bernard Hopkins needs to get his teeth fixed and that David Haye is gay.

*Toney is asked a hypothetical about fighting Brock Lesnar or one of the Klitschko brothers next. Says he'll fight whoever signs to fight him.

*Toney says he never got a chance to train with BJ Penn like he wanted to but hopes to train with him after UFC 118.

The call ended at 2:56 PM EST.

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ShanTheMan site profile image  

8/13/10 12:03 AM by ShanTheMan


japetto site profile image  

8/12/10 10:53 PM by japetto

You obviously have no idea what sandbagging means.

Justinmacd site profile image  

8/12/10 10:15 PM by Justinmacd

Toney is a walking, talking quote machine.He's like a more retarded Chael Sonnen.

PeteGuirguess site profile image  

8/12/10 10:09 PM by PeteGuirguess

James Toney is sandbagging and pretending not to know MMA. He's been training for a while. The hype video, he was hitting mitts like a golden glove runner up

Kai Tremeche site profile image  

8/12/10 10:03 PM by Kai Tremeche

Also:Inb4 all the boxing trolls saying this match won't count because it's not going to be sanctioned because Toney is over the 265 limit.

CallmeMrJones site profile image  

8/12/10 9:55 PM by CallmeMrJones

Ha, Toney is old school. Aint scared of no fight, never ducked anyone.I respect him but he's going to be on his back quickly.and Bones Jones better not bring his ass to that fight.

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8/12/10 9:49 PM by KirbyLovesDildo


Kai Tremeche site profile image  

8/12/10 9:47 PM by Kai Tremeche

Last time I checked the odds, Toney was +450. By fight time, it's going to be probably at +850.

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8/12/10 8:46 PM by Skillrules

 Randy ought to feel up Toney's boobs on the ground.