Saunders released by the UFC


Sorry everyone I tried to fight my best these past two fights but ended up getting out worked... the UFC has officially cut me... the good news is they told me to work on my wrestling and ground game and then come back... So that is all I am going to be doing... improving dramatically and show them I belong. It was a honor to fight for the @UFC and I will make it back into the mix in due time... no one ever said my dream of getting that belt would be easy... in fact I was denied it as even a possibility and told I was crazy since I was a kid... look how far I have gone feeding off the doubters and haters... it just makes me that much more hungry... I'll be back! There isn't a doubt in my mind. Much respect to Swick, Fitch, and Hallman as they were the better men on those nights and have my full respect. To fight such names is a true honor... now to continue my journey like a ronin searching for the battle that awaits me... it will come and I will be ready... till then I will not stop training and improving myself as a martial artist and human being. Life is nothing but a longterm learning experience... I have learned enough to consider myself a veteran... now to continue my progress and look towards what the future holds for me... staying positive in negative times has been the hardest tests I have ever faced but I have been through harder times and have fought my way through... this is no different... To Joe Silva, Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and the whole staff of the UFC it was good times and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future... To all my fans I thank you all and priomise no matter where I go or who I fight I will be making the biggest and loudest noise I can letting it be known I am still here working harder than ever and will never give up...I will prove my worth and make my return to the UFC... to all the haters... thank you even more you help bring laughter and comedy to my life as well as determination to continue on and push harder than before to make a statement. I always come to fight my mentality has always been win, lose, or draw... I come to bring action and excitement...but it doesn't always work out that mentality has not changed and that is because I love to fight and I love the fans...but as I improve I will continue to become more well rounded so I can fight anywhere and keep the same pace and excitement...that is my ultimate make my fights as exciting as I can, for all you guys who take the time and money to watch...but above all I will be working on my take-down defense and make them pay every time they try. Much love and respect to all. ;)


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Poindexter site profile image  

8/15/10 11:29 PM by Poindexter

 You've done well at 170 - no need to move up.  Your plan on working on wrestling is the best thing to do. The wrestlers that beat you you destroy on the feet.  Avoid the takedown and even get top position on those guys and you will out class them.

Ben Saunders site profile image  

8/15/10 11:14 PM by Ben Saunders

If the UFC asked me to fight at 185 I would... but other than that I think I just really underperformed in my fights. I have to keep evolving with the sport at a fast pace, not to get left behind... it's blown up and there are young guns that are only 20 yrs old fighting like veterans. I will just keep working hard... jumping to 185 doesn't seem like the issue. But I'm not completely opposed to the idea... like others I could fight both as well... as in my body is suited to work well with both. But we'll just see what the future holds... So many possibilities... =)

Tad Ghostal site profile image  

8/15/10 10:42 PM by Tad Ghostal

Maybe you should try putting on some weight and moving up to MW, your frame doesn't seem that well suited for WW. Plus there's less wrestlers so you'd have more of a chance to show off your muay thai. You're like a less talented Anderson Silva (no offence) and it's doubtful that he would be a top 5 WW, simply because of the style match-ups.Either way good luck, I'm sure your twitter name will be accurate again soon!

SuMBJJ site profile image  

8/15/10 10:19 PM by SuMBJJ

That's a dumb cut. He took on Fitch on short notice.I think he would beat Nick Diaz. I bet Dana would be loving him then.

Ben Saunders site profile image  

8/15/10 10:00 PM by Ben Saunders

The Vegan/Vegetarian/Organic diet is for vitality, recovery, alkalizing benefits, and over all health benefits not because I had to do it to make weight. Meat, Poultry, and Seafood are the most parasitic and acidic substances you can ingest into your body... It is not an easy diet to transition to but it is very beneficial and good for you... I was actually only about 178lbs. when I fought Fitch... I could have easily been 186lbs. like I was against Marcus Davis... but I was eating lots of veggies and greens and wasn't getting enough calories to keep my weight up, but nutrition is a sweet science, everyone is different and react differently to different nutritional regimens. It's all about trial and error and refining your diet... it is serious process that's for sure. My diet and weight class have not been an issue that I can see. I started my career at middleweight but I was stepping on the scale with all my clothes on and making weight... I had the choice bulk up which for my body type long, slender, with a fast metabolism... gaining weight and muscle was just as hard as losing it... so I chose to try my luck at 170lbs. because if I didn't like it I could then always bulk up...Ironically my fight with Kenny Stevens at CFC 1 where he broke my jaw 1 minute into the 1st round to have me come back and TKO him in the 3rd was what caused the transition to welterweight. I had to have my jaw wired shut for a few weeks and I was forced onto a liquid and smoothie diet... I was walking around at 175-176lbs. and said ok my next fight is now gonna be at welterweight. It's worked out pretty well for me at welterweight, I just need to keep improving and I will be fixing my weaknesses and continue to fight my heart out until I get what I have given up everything in my life for... that UFC Belt! =)-BS

Dawkins site profile image  

8/15/10 9:18 PM by Dawkins

Ben would be much better if he was a beast at 185 then looking very frail fighting at 170. Rogan even said he was on a vegan diet for the weight cut.

DIZZZLE site profile image  

8/15/10 9:01 PM by DIZZZLE

One of those guys I love to watch fight

CRE site profile image  

8/15/10 8:53 PM by CRE

Best wishes keep a smile on your face and push through I love your attitude it's gotta be one of your best attributes as a fighter for sure.

Poindexter site profile image  

8/15/10 8:47 PM by Poindexter

 Saunders' sadistic smile is one of his better qualities, IMO.

MDubz site profile image  

8/15/10 8:04 PM by MDubz

TTT for Killa Bee