Sherk: I wanna make a real run for the UFC title


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32Hunter site profile image  

8/17/10 8:23 PM by 32Hunter

 yes Evan is a future champ.

TheVileOne site profile image  

8/17/10 8:05 PM by TheVileOne

Sherk hasn't fought in almost a year and a half. He keeps getting injured and dropping out of fights. He's getting older. His door to a title shot is closing. He won't get there again. BJ Penn was his last shot.

BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

8/17/10 7:28 PM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

Paxton was the weak Earp brother.

xeducatex site profile image  

8/17/10 7:11 PM by xeducatex

sherk will never be champ or even get a shot again. he is unfourtunetly one of those amazing wrestlers that thinks his standup is world class just like his wrestling

Poindexter site profile image  

8/15/10 11:10 PM by Poindexter

 Dunham has been looking good.

5 o clock shadow site profile image  

8/15/10 10:37 PM by 5 o clock shadow

Sherk is a great guy and a fantastic fighter. I really wish he would use all of his tools more -especially his wrestling. I think that he could have beat Edgar if he took him down and tried to GnP or work for a submission. I like the fact that he talked about having alternative gameplans. IMHO, this is one area where Sherk can really improve. Against BJ and Edgar, he seemed to get stuck once "plan A" didn't work. The Dunham fight will probably be Sherk's biggest test. I think that takedowns will play the biggest role in this fight. If Sherk gets the takedown, he can easily win via GnP and ground control. However, Dunham has an excellent wrestling pedigree, and the fight could also easily consist of Dunham takedowns followed by Sherk escapes, followed by more Dunham takedowns, etc...I think that the steriod accusations were inconclusive at best, but haters are gonna hate and call him a cheater... I found his comments about the Edgar / Penn fight to be very interesting: "If Penn is going to win, it is going to be a boring fight." fos

tranenhb site profile image  

8/15/10 10:20 PM by tranenhb

he has reach on a penguin

raf_269 site profile image  

8/15/10 10:20 PM by raf_269

 If Sherk loses to Dunham, he should try his luck in WEC.

BUFFGEO site profile image  

8/15/10 7:58 PM by BUFFGEO

No offense but Sherk will never even come close to top 5 ever again.I mean, for as long as he's been in the game he still isnt really any good at anything but wrestling. He had the belt back when the LW division was void of talent but its a staked bracket now!He should be 145 anyway