Ortiz refutes details of streetfight with Murray

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The story of Tito Ortiz getting punched out by convicted bank robber Lee Murray during an alleyway altercation after UFC 38 has grown into one of MMA's most beloved bits of folklore. The most famous version — relayed second-hand from a drunken Pat Miletich and published in Matt Hughes's autobiography Made in America — ends with Tito Ortiz getting starched by "like, a five-punch combo," then boot-stomped.

On this Friday's installment of Michael Schiavello's HDNet interview series The Voice Vs..., Ortiz gets to tell his side of the tale.

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Mic hael Schiavello: “I want to talk about something that’s become part of MMA folklore, MMA urban myth which I want to get you to clarify. 2002… London… Tony Fryklund, Matt Hughes, Pat Miletich, Tito Ortiz, and a man named Lee Murray got into a street fight where apparently Tito Ortiz got knocked out by Lee Murray.”

Tito Ortiz: “Not true. At all. One of my buddies got beat up, was getting stomped in the concrete outside and I came to his rescue. Me, Chuck Liddell, and Damien started to fight… One of the guys sucker punched our friend Damien, I mean my friend Bo, dropped him on the door, the cab ran over his arm, and Lee Murray was in there. Lee Murray took a swing at me, missed, I took a swing at him, I clinched him, I knee’d him… he broke away, he started running away, I started chasing into him, and he turns around and stops and plants his feet, I go to stop and I slide right into him, he clipped me, dropped me, and I popped right back up. Cops came, broke everybody apart. One of the cops said he was squirt me in the face with mace, I said go ahead because by then I was already snapped, I didn’t give a [expletive], I was surviving, survival skills. I was never unconscious at the time, in my whole life I’ve never been unconscious and I never will go unconscious and… but I think those stories are fabricated a lot to try to build, uh, Lee Murray up but God looks over all of us and now he’s doing a 10-year prison sentence, so karma’s a bitch, huh?”

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BROTHER WISDOM site profile image  

8/19/10 8:47 AM by BROTHER WISDOM

subbed for later


8/19/10 5:04 AM by K-Dub-"T"

 ttt for all this confirmations lol.

Ew0k187 site profile image  

8/19/10 4:28 AM by Ew0k187

holy lurker batmanid help you out but im muddier than a feral hog at woodstocki agree with you though on the body language, nice find

me101 site profile image  

8/17/10 11:32 PM by me101

I used to train back then with the guy who helped organised ufc 38 (i didnt make it to the party) a lot of the guys I trained with saw the fight and all said tito got k.o'dalso this isnt on the dvd of the event but body languaqge says a lothttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl8ArdgKmdIblue namer plslee is a bank robber and not a hero but the street fight is legit.(check out how many posts i've bothered to make in how many years!)

DJStudd site profile image  

8/17/10 3:48 PM by DJStudd

Hughes was there, Mark hughes , I'm pretty sure it was Mark that picked Tito up and stopped him getting stomped when he was ko'd .I think that came from Tony F.It's still a good reason to believe matt , it is his brother after all, I'm sure they discussed it once or twice .

bloodyknuckles site profile image  

8/17/10 11:57 AM by bloodyknuckles

who woulda thunk the filthy streets of london are slippery

judobill site profile image  

8/17/10 11:16 AM by judobill

Hello, I already gave you all the info you required and am waiting for my 200 million.

japetto site profile image  

8/17/10 10:09 AM by japetto

"The unwanted attention grew in July 2002, when the UFC held its first card in London. Murray wasnt on the card for UFC 38, but he stole the show by crashing the after-party. Pat Miletich, the veteran MMA trainer, was at his side. "One of Tito Ortiz's friends jumped on my back as a joke. A buddy of Lee's thought it was a fight and jumped in," he tells me. "Then it exploded."          Lee took off his jacket. Tito did too. Tito threw the first punch and missed. Then Lee flattened him with a five-punch combo.I told him to get the hell outta there. (Ortiz sighs when I call him: "The only thing he made of himself was a fight with me.")" From The story of "Lightning" Lee Murray, ESPN:    sports.espn.go.com/extra/mma/news/story

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

8/17/10 7:45 AM by Gokudamus stole my name

Except this is not Gracie in Action. Murray is not some clueless whitebelt that Tito can mount and beatdown. He tapped Jorge Rivera faster than anyone hasBut i guess Tito the same guy who got dropped by 185 pound Cote and then laid inside his guard for 3 rounds "destroying" him will suddenly transform into a whole new fighter and start mounting people!!If he couldnt finish Forrest who gets hurt by a stiff breeze then he isnt finishing Murray.So unless Tito has brought along Big John to stop the fight over a paper cut or something Elvis Sinosic style i dont see Tito "destroying" MurrayFact is, they squared off, Tito got dropped and then kicked in the face. That was a real fight. Tito dryhumping him for 3 rounds doesnt make it more real

Fake Rassler site profile image  

8/17/10 3:27 AM by Fake Rassler