Website estimates fighters' net worth


Dana White $150 million
Fedor $15 million
George St. Pierre $4 million
Brock Lesnar $15 million
BJ Penn $40 million
Rashad Evans $2 million
Chuck Liddell $6 million
Kimbo Slice $2 million
Randy Couture $9 million
Tito Ortiz $15 million

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FreightTrain site profile image  

8/17/10 12:34 AM by FreightTrain

Titos at 15 and Chucks at 6??? The hell'd that happen?BJ's at 40? Dayam...

evangelico site profile image  

8/17/10 12:05 AM by evangelico

BJ's dad got him on the investment track since his early days with the UFC.a lot of the other guys are probably bleeding money to leeches and vices like tyson in his heyday.

fapout site profile image  

8/16/10 12:24 PM by fapout

anyway...I typed in Ken Shamrock on that site and his name didn't even come up :(

TurboBoy site profile image  

8/16/10 11:51 AM by TurboBoy

BJPENN.COM is the reason for BJs Net worthBJPENN.COM has 150K JKI know Penn is constantly buying big tracks of land in Hawaii. Maybe thats the reason for his net worth.

Warhand site profile image  

8/16/10 10:51 AM by Warhand

Net worth is a measure of the basic monetary value of a business or an individual. It is figured by subtracting the total dollar amount of all liabilities from the total value of all assets. Also known as book value, shareholder equity or liquidation value, net worth is simple to calculate. But it can be somewhat misleading because the true market value of some assets, including houses or the loan portfolios owned by banks, can be difficult to estimate. Also, some business assets are carried on the books at their purchase price, not what they are worth today, which could be considerably more or less.

Leigh site profile image  

8/16/10 9:38 AM by Leigh

yep. if angryinch makes $50k a year, it doesn't mean he has $50k worth of assets and savings

GUNGFU BRUCE site profile image  

8/16/10 9:09 AM by GUNGFU BRUCE

Title says fighters net worth and Dana white is not a fighter.Stop calling that dude a fighter he aint no fighter.

disbeliever site profile image  

8/16/10 8:47 AM by disbeliever

lmfao @ all the new kids getting upset about GSP's net worth

Juzz site profile image  

8/16/10 4:29 AM by Juzz

BJ got paid to take a fall against GSP in 2nd fight haha that is where all GSP's money went.

piratepirate site profile image  

8/16/10 3:57 AM by piratepirate

 GSP = no cut of PPV sales