Miesha Tate: Kim Couture lazy, cocky, bad for MMA

by Tate: Female Couture lazy, cocky, bad for MMA | source: carsonscorner.net

Radio interview with Miesha Tate that covers her background, feelings on other female fighters like Erin Toughill and Kim Couture, being judged on her looks, wrestling on the boys team, and a whole lot more.

Listen to entire interview...


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Chaotic Neutral site profile image  

8/16/10 10:40 AM by Chaotic Neutral


RJJH site profile image  

8/16/10 8:16 AM by RJJH

I would stuff penis into vagine so hard.

Rib Crusher site profile image  

8/16/10 8:16 AM by Rib Crusher

yeah, was thinking about the same thing when i listened to this.carson is just another crybaby douchebag that watches mma. mma was a lot better before fags like this came around.

sockeye site profile image  

8/16/10 6:21 AM by sockeye

i don't think frontrowbrian is trolling, dude generates opinions with facts to back them up


8/16/10 5:39 AM by K-Dub-"T"


gward armbar site profile image  

8/16/10 4:22 AM by gward armbar

FrontRowBrian, can you tell me why you honestly turn every single F*cking thread you post in, in to some sort of racial issue, if your a troll and thats your "theme" then thats fine but its not funny or entertaining at all, it just makes you look like a racist.

Jack Scagnetti site profile image  

8/16/10 4:07 AM by Jack Scagnetti

frontrow,just a hunch, are you a Republican?Carson calling Rich Franklin a teabagger was out of line, though.

mommatheregoesthatman site profile image  

8/16/10 3:45 AM by mommatheregoesthatman

dontazeme are you donny , bob carson or eddie goldmans troll acount?

frontrowbrian site profile image  

8/16/10 3:02 AM by frontrowbrian

 Carson has an IQ at room temperature. He said the UFC has become a front for racism and the ring wing. He then mentions Chael Sonnen, Matt Lindland, and Matt Hughes as examples. Lindland hasn't even fought for the UFC in a very long time. Hughes' "crime" was endorsing John McCain over Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. And Chael's comments weren't racist IMO but think whatever you'd like. Carson then goes onto to say Dana White being on Don Imus' program is another example of UFC being aligned with the allegedly racist right wing. Since when is Don Imus considered a part of the right wing? He was Clinton's biggest cheerleader. 

KenTheWalrus site profile image  

8/16/10 2:40 AM by KenTheWalrus

That was one of the worst interviews I've ever heard. The "host" was horrible. Some of the questions were ridiculous. "Would you ever hit an untrained woman?" "We've heard some really horrific stories about what I would describe as homosexually themed hazing, which sometimes goes too far, was your team just not like that or did they just have no choice except not to be like that because there was a girl around?"  Really dumbass questions.