Cote: 'I'm going to knock [Lawlor] out bad'

by David Herbert | source:

Dave Herbert: How are you feeling since the Belcher fight? You had a hand surgery didn’t you?

Patrick Cote: I feel good. For sure I'm not happy about the result but you know I'll be back stronger. And yes I broke my hand during the second round. I had surgery and everything is fine now.

DH: Have you watched the fight? Do you still question the stoppage?

PC: I don’t question the stoppage. He got the choke so there is no doubt about the stoppage.

DH: Were you out after that slam?

PC: I wasn’t out but I felt dizzy for 2-3 sec and that was enough time for him to take my back and get the choke.

DH: Belcher may have to retire due to a detached retina. As a pro fighter, what are your thoughts on this?

PC: It’s pretty bad. I wish him the best of luck. Injuries are the worst, and with eyes you can’t take any chances.

DH: You are fighting Tom Lawlor at UFC 121. What threats do you feel he poses, if any

PC: He has a good pace in the first round and decent wrestling. I have to be ready right away when the bell rings.

DH: Do you plan to keep it standing?

PC: For sure that’s my style. I’m going to knock him out bad.

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Sprawl'n'Stall site profile image  

8/16/10 1:48 PM by Sprawl'n'Stall

This is one of those fights I wished nobody lost. I hope it's a good fight and both guys shine for the fans and the promoters.

explodingboy site profile image  

8/16/10 11:15 AM by explodingboy

I hope Lawler upsets the applecart and KOs this mouthy Canadian. The shit he's talked about Bisping lately has been unprovoked and unecessay and is just him trying to work his way into a big fight. I hope Cote gets his arse handed to him. Put him on his back Tom and turn his face to mincemeat! I also think you can probably choke him out.

Jetster site profile image  

8/16/10 11:07 AM by Jetster

Cote's seconmmd fight back since his injury he should be better than when he fought Belcher...Sorry Tom gotta go with my Canadian Boy Cote :)I am a fan though (Lawlor) and I always enjoy your fights!!! :)

Chris site profile image  

8/16/10 11:06 AM by Chris

 how dare he say that about Tom Lawlor!

French Fries Malone site profile image  

8/16/10 11:03 AM by French Fries Malone

good fight! Im picking Cote but Tom will make it exciting for sure

Tom Lawlor site profile image  

8/16/10 10:52 AM by Tom Lawlor

thats like the LEAST amount of trash talk ever this will be a good one, I promise! 

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

8/16/10 12:37 AM by da Vinci 81

Always been a fan of Cote. Would love to see him pick up a win here.

Titanium Rhino site profile image  

8/16/10 12:30 AM by Titanium Rhino


HayabusaHarris site profile image  

8/15/10 11:38 PM by HayabusaHarris

TTT for Cote!

brahmabull81 site profile image  

8/15/10 11:36 PM by brahmabull81

His weakness is pro wrestling, Tom!! He fell victim to a piledriver in his last outing. Time dust off the old DDT to guillotine finisher!!