Marcus Davis wore a mask till he was seven years old

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On James Toney:

“I don’t think as a whole he will do very well in MMA. You don’t do well as a straight-up boxer jumping to the UFC. It’s not gonna happen. I think he’s always going to have a punchers chance. Obviously, anyone who can punch like he can, has the speed and reactions he’s got, especially when wearing 4 ounce gloves, can be a threat to anyone. If he lands a punch he can knock Randy out.”

“But I don’t think that will happen. Either Randy will push him against the cage and beat him up, or he’ll shoot for the takedown. If he gets it to the ground, I don’t think Toney will get back up again.”

On the future and past:

“I just wanna fight and get as much in as I can before I have to retire. Might be 3 years, might be one year, I don’t know what god has in store for me.”

“As a kid my dream was to be a pro fighter, not a world champ. Guess I set my standards pretty low, some kids want to be President or billionaires, I just wanted to be a pro fighter.”

“Last year was really rough both career-wise and in my personal life. My work was really affected. This year has been a really good year. I’m writing my autobiography, and that’s been good- really made me realise how far I’ve come, and how blessed I am. Had a tough childhood and I’ve been able to do great things considering."

"Now I’ve got four kids who all went to private school, my daughter’s gone to college for two years and hasn’t paid a dime- Dad’s paid the whole bill ... I want to do well, because the better I do the better I can provide for them.

“If you think you know my background, if you read it (upcoming autobiography) you won’t believe half of it. No-one saw my face until I was 7, I wouldn’t go out without some kind of mask…I was a real odd kid. I saw abuse as a kid, ended up being a bit of a punk, actually a real punk, I was locked in juvie for a while. I’ve seen rapes, some crazy stuff. I’ve been shot at a few times, stabbed twice. If you read it you might get an idea of why I do what I do.”

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