Ed Soares gets lost in translation

by Jake Rossen | source: sherdog.com

Ed Soare, the manager of several UFC notables -- including Silva, the Nogueiras and Lyoto Machida -- told MMA Scraps Radio this past weekend that he sometimes manipulates the translated words of his fighter to put a better spin on them.

"Yes and no. ... I can say that sometimes I don't translate exactly what [Anderson Silva] says, but it's not something I do on purpose or to cover anything up. Things don't translate word for word. I'm trying to get the message across. If I were to use the same words, it wouldn't translate to the same meaning. ... As far as fixing something, as his manager, I'm always going to try to make him look better -- but it's nothing like lying or anything like that."

Soares is essentially the media liaison for his fighters, and that means auditing quotes or behavior he believes might paint his commodity in a bad light.

Listen to entire inerview...


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humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

8/21/10 4:57 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

i have a friend who's from Rio. She's told me multiple times from watching him speak and ed translate that Anderson speaks heavily as a nationalist, and soares REALLY cleans up his views and makes his statements PC.Course that's not breaking news, but i do know he does it.


8/21/10 4:54 AM by K-Dub-"T"

Dude.. It's Wallid! Come on!!!  

DaemonDragon site profile image  

8/21/10 4:48 AM by DaemonDragon

Here's an interview where Vitor calls Ed Soares a 'clown' (around 2:15) -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHXrDDL8sRc#t=2m15sHe hates on Ed's "translations". Also looks like Vitor also thinks Soares is trying to insert himself into his fighers' limelights.I was pretty surprised by this, I haven't seen any interview with Vitor where he was anything but respectful and humble (almost to self-parody levels) for ages. The last couple years Vitor has seemed to not want to even be perceived as saying anything bad about anybody ever. He must *really* have nothing but pure contempt for Soares to trash him like this. Says he's a clown and he even looks like a clown.I wonder if anything personal ever happened between Soares and Belfort? I think Vitor has to be pretty damn annoyed at somebody to disrespect them in public.

BALEIA site profile image  

8/19/10 10:44 AM by BALEIA

I think that Wallid should be the official brazilnglese translator. He doesnt take any boo sheet from anyone and will say it like it is.

SQUIRREL Master site profile image  

8/19/10 10:20 AM by SQUIRREL Master

i dont see why people bash ed so bad he manages a lot of the best fighters in the world i give him props for his success

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

8/18/10 12:04 PM by Bobby Lupo

 or brilliant. Besides a handfull of guys, every interview is the same shit. I'd even advocate doing away with post fight interviews altogether. How many times can you listen to "He's a really tough guy. No I was never hurt. I trained really hard for this, thanks to _______ and Rick's tire barn, I'll fight whoever (the promotion) wants me to fight next. I love America. Afterparty at_________. Cut the interviews and use that time to show another prelim

AJDavis site profile image  

8/18/10 11:58 AM by AJDavis

Wallid is a different case, he doesnt even listen to the fighter, just says what he wants to say. Its entertaining, but its wrong, he is feeding off the fighters light, I find that sick.

judo yu site profile image  

8/18/10 11:44 AM by judo yu

That's funny, I would vote you up if I had a blue name.I speak two languages and know that it is tough to translate literally and retain the intended meaning. Of course I don't speak Portuguese, can someone who speaks the language shed some light.

MMA Scraps Radio site profile image  

8/18/10 11:30 AM by MMA Scraps Radio

 I'm glad this interview is getting so much attention, I think it was important. For those of you who listened to the entire interview, this will be a repeat, but Ed said very clearly during the interview that he can't wait until ALL of his fighters can speak for themselves in English so he doesn't have to translate for them any more.  Sounds like he's starting to get tired of the flack and is more than happy to let the fighters speak for themselves.

Griffdog site profile image  

8/18/10 11:10 AM by Griffdog

The only person who has a right to complain is Anderson Silva. He seems pretty happy with Ed.This is no different than a manager or PR rep writing a speech or going over what to say with their client. Ed just does it on the fly. If Anderson didn't approve, he would do something about it.