Enson Inoue on 750-mile vision quest

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In case any of you missed the reports this morning that former Pride fighter Enson Inoue has embarked on a 1,200-kilometer spiritual journey on the Japanese island of Shikoku, here’s the Spark Notes version: Inoue is attempting to complete the island’s celebrated “88 Temples Pilgrimage,” in which travelers don white clothes and sedge hats in order to retrace the steps of a famous Buddhist monk said to have made the journey in the latter stages of the eighth century. Given that it’s now 2010, most people do it by bus. Enson plans to walk the nearly 750 miles, even though he’s been warned that he might die from the heat.

Also, since no 21st-Century spiritual journey would be complete without continuous, near real-time commentary from the pilgrim himself, Inoue is going to be updating his blog the whole way. Anyway, it’s now day two of the walk and so far, things don’t seem to be going so well …

“The people at the temple said the heat is really bad now and that it was impossible to make it without staying at a hotel, When I heard that it became a challenge for me. When I told the old man that I wasn't going to stay in a hotel he replied, ‘There is no way you can make it without staying in a hotel.’ I then responded by saying that there was no way I was going to stay in a hotel and he repeated it 3 times that it was impossible. At that moment I decided in my heart that even if I were at the brink of death, I wasn't going to stay not even 1 night in a hotel.”

“My treak to the 1st of the new 20 temples, Daizanji was horrible,” Inoue wrote at the end of day one. “ I got lost and ended up walking an extra 7 miles. My shoulders and legs are cramping. I then barely made before the temples closing time at 5pm.”

“Oh No. It got dark before I could make it out of the mountain. Can't see a thing. What am I going to do...”

“I lost my map in the dark. “Don't now my way out.”

“Finally found a landromatt. I didn't eat anything since breakfast. Oh wall... I'm going to get some rest. Sorry for making you all worry.”

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Recent Comments »

solidsnake site profile image  

8/20/10 10:54 AM by solidsnake

LOL at the Japanese business man climbing the mountain. The visual of that is very awesome.

quick site profile image  

8/20/10 9:25 AM by quick

I have, and I am saying it. In fact I have even hiked in the mountains of Japan. But anyway, I hope Enson enjoys his trip.

GARRA site profile image  

8/20/10 7:06 AM by GARRA

stay strong brotha

Fake Rassler site profile image  

8/20/10 6:54 AM by Fake Rassler

You say "knowing Enson" like he's done that before

allcloser site profile image  

8/20/10 6:07 AM by allcloser

This is just a walk for guys like him.Enson is a professioal figher who knows much more how to take care of his body and possibly is in much better shape than other guys who have given this a try.Young, athletic Japanese guys rarely try this walk.Walks like this will be a big deal for guys who have not trained regularly.No big deal for him. If he failed, that would be simply because he made it harder than necessary. I am much more interested in hearing what he thought of chicks in Shikoku, because, like I said, some guy from the region told me that there were no beautiful women on the island.

FingerorMoon site profile image  

8/19/10 11:12 PM by FingerorMoon

LOL at this being some sort of impossible journey.Many people do the 88 temple walk in Shikoku each year.Sure the majority go by bus, but its not super rare.Genki Sudo did it for the fun of it a couple of years ago and wrote a book about it.And the Japanese are hyper conservative with this sort of stuff. Just because someone told him it was impossible, doesn't make it so.I walked up Mt Fuji in normal clothes on the trail (no snow on there in August) and was constantly passing people decked out in multi-thousand dollar antarctic snow gear complete with pro climbing gear....you know, just in case!...though I'll always remember one Japanese guy there that was dressed in shirt and tie with business shoes. Now thats hardcore LOL

Hody site profile image  

8/19/10 11:07 PM by Hody

Anyone who thinks this is just a walk and no big deal is delusional. It's also pretty damn hot now in Japan.

Lahi site profile image  

8/19/10 10:25 PM by Lahi

He is hardcore.

futon1 site profile image  

8/19/10 10:16 PM by futon1

Are you calling Enson a pussy for complaining about how the walking is making him feel? I have done plenty of hiking in mountains all aver the US, and anyone that has would never say it is no big deal.

quick site profile image  

8/19/10 9:00 PM by quick

It isn't like he is walking in the mountains of Afghanistan with about 200 lbs of shit on.