Sask. MMA proponents call for end of pro fight ban


Proponents of mixed martial arts in Saskatchewan are hoping the government will change its mind and allow professional matches in the province.

Critics of mixed martial arts — or MMA — say it's barbaric and promotes extreme violence. A group of doctors in B.C. has called for a national ban on the full-contact sport, which lets combatants use various fighting styles and skills.

Saskatchewan sanctions amateur mixed martial arts, but not pro fights, something that Jay Beavis, who fights in and promotes amateur MMA in Saskatoon, would like to see changed.

"It's a really ridiculous argument between whether a fighter gets paid a couple hundred dollars to fight or he doesn't get paid anything at all to fight," Beavis said. "One being legal and one not being makes very little sense to me."

In Regina, MMA trainer AJ Scales also supports allowing pro fights in the province, but he also wants amateur MMA to grow as well, to help the credibility of the sport and provide a safe environment for fighters who aren't ready for professional fights.

"If there's an amateur level ... you can develop yourself as a fighter," Scales said. "And [if] you do take that next step, it will help the fighter safety-wise."

The provincial government says it has no plans to change its position on sanctioning professional fights.

However, Minister of Sport and Culture Bill Hutchinson said this week he would review any proposals that are sent his way.

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MMAOutbreak site profile image  

8/21/10 9:23 PM by MMAOutbreak

They could maybe do a WEC at some point, and definitely host some feeder orgs.

Steamfitter site profile image  

8/21/10 7:10 PM by Steamfitter

enough pressure on the government......yeah right, think about how to do that while you are drinking a beer in the strip club tonight....wait....

Ryan Wood site profile image  

8/19/10 10:59 PM by Ryan Wood

Fellow Saskie here -- if enough people put enough pressure on the provincial government, they'll legalize it. Someone should try to organize the efforts.

catman site profile image  

8/19/10 10:36 PM by catman

Not big enough for the UFC but they should get some pro-fights eventually.

kelby site profile image  

8/19/10 2:59 PM by kelby

i am from saskatchewan. it would be nice to see pro fights here. hopefully ufc can come here. big dream, but it can sell out over here also. i support aj scales comment. we need ameteur fighing to help outselves grow into the next level. much like ameteur boxing, track and field etc. you just need that experience to move on to the pros.

Steamfitter site profile image  

8/18/10 5:27 PM by Steamfitter

Pro mma will never happen in saskatchewan. those hillbillies banned strip clubs.