Kimbo is coming to boxing according to Gary Shaw


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Splandman site profile image  

8/22/10 10:25 AM by Splandman

 Yes, that would be Jared.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

8/21/10 12:08 PM by Bobby Lupo

 Why do you hate Kimbo so much? He's going to have to find guys that are worse than opponent level to fight. Shaw has to line up the usual suspects who will lay down in the first round for him. He has to be built up like Gastineau was by 'boxing' pro wrestlers. Even terrible guys with awful records that are paid to pad records would probably smoke Kimbo. TNA and their reasonable schedeule seems like the best fit for him, but he'd be bigger in the WWE as an ass kicking baby face KO puncher. 

tj615 site profile image  

8/21/10 8:26 AM by tj615

Bring Tyson out of retirement for lots of money to knock Kimbo out lmao.

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

8/21/10 5:26 AM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

the person doing that interview should have his hands cut off so he never, under any circumstances, can hold a microphone and give a so called interview again.that was just awful

piratepirate site profile image  

8/21/10 5:17 AM by piratepirate

 Honestly I bet he sells seats. Smart move, he will make money. I am amazed he hasn't considered the WWE and or some freakshow fights in Japan.

nostripewhite site profile image  

8/21/10 4:01 AM by nostripewhite

Kimbo would be a fucking joke in wrestling.And now, the challenger for the world title! The guy who was KO'd by a jab from the guy with pink hair!

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

8/21/10 3:02 AM by Barry_BondsMVP

Kimbo vs Arreola...make it happen

PrettyBoy site profile image  

8/21/10 2:04 AM by PrettyBoy

Fuck it he would be nice for a freak show undercard fight. I got a undefeated HW he could throw down against. Posted from my mma underground iPhone app

shibbyguy site profile image  

8/21/10 1:59 AM by shibbyguy

they will feed him tomato cans...they will never give him a tough opponent

frontrowbrian site profile image  

8/21/10 1:22 AM by frontrowbrian

He'd be perfect in pro wrestling as a bodyguard while he learns enough in the ring to put together a halfway decent match.  Does he have the discipline to work a WWE schedule? And there's absolutely no way WWE will allow his entourage anywhere near the locker room. He'd be a heat magnet in the back