Big Nog to have surgery in Brazil, not US


Big Nog change plans about surgeries  

Former champion of the heavyweight division of UFC, Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira was forced to leave UFC 119 card due to a hip injury, which got worst, and lost the chance to rematch Frank Mir. After announcing that his hip and knee surgery would be done on the United States, the Brazilian changed his plans.

“I’ll do my surgeries Wednesday. Let’s heal this injury and get back at our best”, wrote Minotauro on his Twitter, revealing that he will come to Brazil today. “I’ll go to Vitória da Conquista this weekend. I’ll meet my father, take some time off to be with him and all my family and go to my brother’s birthday party. Hold it, man, I’m getting there”, completed Minotauro, who will be back on the United States in September to follow Rogério MInotouro, his brother, facing Ryan Bader, on UFC 119.

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frontrowbrian site profile image  

8/25/10 12:55 AM by frontrowbrian

 lol at trusting a Brazilian doctor with your career when the UFC will pay for you to see the best money can buy. They'd hook him up the guy in Park City, Utah that operated on Tiger Woods knee.

RabbiVJ site profile image  

8/25/10 12:54 AM by RabbiVJ

 oh and VTFD.

RabbiVJ site profile image  

8/25/10 12:53 AM by RabbiVJ

 dayum...if he was going for Arthroscopic...he shoulda just gone to Birmingham AL...

TheBear228 site profile image  

8/25/10 12:51 AM by TheBear228

That was a "joke", bro. The reading comprehension fail in this thread is strong.  

MMAINCA site profile image  

8/23/10 5:27 PM by MMAINCA


Jons Forsberg site profile image  

8/23/10 3:30 PM by Jons Forsberg

lol @ comparing Bronx and Brazil - Brazil has many football franchises that are comparable to european ones in structure. While by no means it's a top rated country for sports medicine, it does have a decent contingent of good docs to supply it's internal demand.

TheBear228 site profile image  

8/23/10 3:21 PM by TheBear228

I never insinuated that there aren't any good Brazilian doctors. Way to take my response out of context. I was merely responding to an assinine post that basically trashed American healthcare like it's at the bottom of the Top 40 pop hits on Sunday morning. Scalpel for Scalpel, America has the largest profileration of top surgeons, and you'd be foolish to think otherwise because of some "global report" that skews heavily due to healthcare costs. And honestly, what the fuck does a country producing athletes have to do with medical care? That's like saying since the Bronx, NY puts out a shit ton of athletes I'm immediately supposed to assume that the physicians in that area are going to be excellent?  

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

8/22/10 6:33 PM by Jons Forsberg

we're still in the first page and thread has derailed into a brazilian doctors vs american doctors argument. Welcome to Sherdog. Maybe, just maybe there's a handful of reliable docs Brazil? Considering that they mass produce athletes in the most popular sport in the world and all.

kinkle site profile image  

8/22/10 6:18 PM by kinkle

You are a moron


8/22/10 5:46 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Your deductive reasoning skills leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps you need a little more research. Also, you should do some research on Brazil before making another assinine assumption.