Jacare takes Strikeforce Middleweight title

by Ken Pishna | source: mmaweekly.com

Tim Kennedy isn’t accustomed to losing, but confused or not, that’s just where he found himself after fighting Ronaldo “Jacare” de Souza at Strikeforce: Houston on Saturday night.

“I don’t know what happened,” he said after the judges’ scorecards were read. “The best grappler in the world couldn’t take me down. My hat is totally off to Jacare. It was an absolutely frustrating fight.”

Jacare appeared to want to keep this fight on the feet, an area where most felt Kennedy would have the advantage. One of the most decorated grapplers in the world, Jacare displayed a tremendous improvement in his stand-up game.

It was a close fight, and a fight that doesn’t end in a finish is always open for argument, but Jacare’s hand was raised after five rounds.

“I don’t like judges and this is what happens when I go to them,” Kennedy said.

The Strikeforce middleweight belt, vacant since the exodus of former champion Jake Shields, is vacant no more.

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joe bruce site profile image  

8/23/10 2:06 PM by joe bruce

Jacare hit hard , I dont know how Tim made it 5 rounds. Tim barely threw a punch the first few rounds, dont see how Jacare didnt clearly win that fight.<br /><br />Not Posted from my mma underground iPhone app<br /><br />

Sprawl 68 site profile image  

8/23/10 12:56 PM by Sprawl 68

Tim does counter punch alot. He usually can end up with some viscous GNP though. Posted from my mma underground iPhone app

trampking site profile image  

8/23/10 12:50 PM by trampking

watched it live, with no commentators i had jacare winning clearly. It didn't look like kennedy had any plan but to counter punch.

Peckerwood site profile image  

8/23/10 12:38 PM by Peckerwood

I had Jacare winning. Its crazy that he didn't attempt a single submission yet won a stand up fight. He really is going to be tough to beat.

sweepnchoke site profile image  

8/23/10 11:40 AM by sweepnchoke

Close fight, but I agree with Jacare getting the decision.

William Bittencourt site profile image  

8/23/10 10:49 AM by William Bittencourt


Bailx site profile image  

8/23/10 2:56 AM by Bailx

he won for sure... but i would have liked to see him finish, and then aligator crawl

stillmatic site profile image  

8/23/10 2:55 AM by stillmatic

This fight was no different than Penn/Edgar. If you liked Jacare in this fight, you should have liked Penn in his fight as well. They were both the ones sitting down on their punches and landing the effective shots, while Kennedy and Edgar were just trying to look busy and not really trying to cause any damage.

joe bruce site profile image  

8/23/10 1:54 AM by joe bruce

I was amazed at how much the commentators (think it was Frank Shamrock) were blatantly favoring Tim. Jacare won every round of that fight and hit Tim HARD plenty of times. I thought for sure Jacare was gonna gas but he was throwin bombs the whole fight. Tim was never in that fight at all.

Caught_clean site profile image  

8/23/10 12:47 AM by Caught_clean

The best way I could describe it is that while Kennedy did out strike him slightly, 2 of his strikes would maybe count for 1 solid right hand that Jacare kept landing. In other words Jacares shots were much more effective, even though Kennedy landed a few more.