Penn: I would really like to see Toney do good

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

"I really would like to see James Toney do good out there," Penn said. "You know what? If Randy goes in there and runs over James Toney in five seconds, I don't think that does anything. I look for ways to try to build the sport, ways to put more fans in the seats and more money in our pockets. I want to see James Toney go in there and do good."

Using the recent case of Chael Sonnen as an example, Penn explained that fans sometimes take the fighters' pre-fight trash talk too seriously when it's simply an attempt to hype the fight.

He says Toney's comments about Couture and MMA are no different.

"I remember talking to him a while back and he said, 'BJ, I want to get involved with this stuff,'" Penn recalled. "And I never... I thought he was just running his mouth at first. I thought we were just, you know, having a conversation. And here he is, here he is. He's stepping in and fighting a five-time UFC champ on his first fight. The guy's got some b----, man. And I give it to him. And I just, I wish the best for him."

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kimurayoass site profile image  

8/23/10 2:43 PM by kimurayoass

my thoughts exactlyhe just doesnt wanna see Handy scoop a double leg and get a GNP win in the 1st minute.

Coolface_Awesomeson site profile image  

8/23/10 2:29 PM by Coolface_Awesomeson

You see... at no point in the article does BJ say that he wants Toney to WIN. He simply says he wants Toney to do well: i.e. not be run over. He wants a (fairly) competitive fight.And if you don't see how an exciting fight between Couture and a boxer that a LOT of non-MMA-fans know (if only by name), then _you_ may be the mentally challenged one.(Remember the coverage that Herschel Walker got?)

crazydave site profile image  

8/23/10 12:53 PM by crazydave

bj is retarded

Here4aDay site profile image  

8/23/10 12:29 PM by Here4aDay

Toney winning does nothing good for MMA.

Marco808 site profile image  

8/23/10 12:24 PM by Marco808

Maybe I used it wrong, but when I said "south of 40", I meant under 40. I want to see good boxers, still in or near their prime (like Zab), see Toney do well and then decide to make the leap too. I think that younger elite (or once elite) boxers will be more willing to learn the ground game and then we'll really see what a great boxer with a good sprawl or decent ground defense can do.  

bshaw1979 site profile image  

8/23/10 12:19 PM by bshaw1979

Hmmm...I would said the same thing and your boy GSP cheating..whoda thunk?

Bumbaclot site profile image  

8/23/10 11:09 AM by Bumbaclot

 BJ's stand-up even looks like Toney's.  No real 1 punch power but very crafty boxer and sturdy chin.

Bumbaclot site profile image  

8/23/10 11:08 AM by Bumbaclot

 BJ actually looks just like Toney.  But lighter skinned.

bsrizpac site profile image  

8/23/10 10:49 AM by bsrizpac

it already is