Saunders looks to fans for career decision help

by Ben Saunders | source: The Underground

From:  Ben Saunders
Posted: 1 hour ago
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Hey guys I'm kinda torn right now on what decisions to make regarding my next fight as most might tie me into a contract losing out on other opportunities... but I figure at the end of the day you the fans play your role in this also...

So I figure why not ask your opinions on who you would like to see me fight for and/or against next...

I wanna thank you all for your recent support... It has really made something very negative into a real positive situation... I know I have the talent to make it and will continue to improve and showcase just that... I look forward to entertaining you all soon enough. =)



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akbar87 site profile image  

9/1/10 9:05 AM by akbar87


mmanthebay site profile image  

9/1/10 8:53 AM by mmanthebay

New Management and take the Jake Shields route.

Steve4192 site profile image  

9/1/10 8:42 AM by Steve4192

The problem with Bellator is Ben would have to kiss any chance of getting back to the UFC goodbye if he signed with them.  Their contracts are exclusive and pretty damn onerous.  Just look a what they are doing to Jon Brookins.  He hasn't fought for them in 18 months yet they are still suing him to stop him from doing TUF.  Also check out the Jorge Masvidal and Dave Herman sagas.  They are extremely petty about letting guys leave their organization and advance their careers.  If Ben has any interest in ever making it back to the UFC, Bellator is a BAD idea.

Steve4192 site profile image  

9/1/10 8:31 AM by Steve4192

If getting paid is important to you, I suggest avoiding DREAM.  They don't pay gaijin.  Not even their champions.  Unless you get purse up front before getting on the plane, it's just not worth the financial risk.  Sign on with a reputable promoter with a reputation for honoring their financial obligatiions, and don't get tied down into an exclusive contract. 

Haulport site profile image  

8/31/10 11:58 PM by Haulport

Ben you are THE MAN and should NOT have been cut. One of the most exciting balls out fighters around! I think Shark Fights might be good for a one-shot and maybe SF if you have any shot at Nick. If not see if you can't get into the next Bellator 170 tourney.

AddictedMMAjunkie site profile image  

8/31/10 11:41 PM by AddictedMMAjunkie

You should go to Dream or Strikeforce. Dream would be best so we can see knees to the head on the ground.

THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

8/31/10 8:25 PM by THE Kevin Chandler

^^AgreedFrom the first fight I saw you in, I was a fan for life. Being a tall lanky mother-fucker like myself didn't hurt. I'll watch you anywhere, but have NO doubt you'll be back in the UFC soon. You're exciting style is just to much fun to watch. Either way, I see no problems with the future of your career. Keep throwin' them bows, and yeah, learning some wrestling would be awesome, as long as you DON'T wipe that shit eating grin off your face when you fight. I swear to god, the day you loose that is the day you loose me as a fan.WAR KILLA B!!! (see, I even like you even though I fuckin' LOATH your nickname, lol, soooo many things wrong with that).No homo

The_Jeering_Joker site profile image  

8/31/10 8:16 PM by The_Jeering_Joker

Ben Saunders... you're the man.Wherever you go, I am a fan for life.

BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

8/31/10 7:36 PM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

I would also try to tailor the techniques you learn for your unique measurables (extremely tall WW, long reach, big WW) rather than just learn what is traditionally taught to everyone.That is what I would keep my eye on. And maybe try to train or learn from similar fighters who are tall and long for their weight class.For example in wrestling you wouldn't want to emulate the style of a short, squat, powerful wrestler but more the style of a taller, longer and leaner wrestler. That is the type of trainer I would seek out.

Ben Saunders site profile image  

8/31/10 6:19 PM by Ben Saunders

Thank you all for all your opinions... they all had/have their pros and cons... but I think it's great you all see my skill set and potential talent and know I would be a good addition to any organization... That my friends means the world to me.I got to goto the UFC Fan Expo this weekend in Boston and it was the coolest and greatest experience of my life. I felt like a kid at Disney World... meeting all the fans and getting so much love and respect was without a doubt the most positive thing to ever happen to me in my life. I even got to hang out with Mike Goldberg, Mark DellaGrotte, and a bunch of guys from Team Sityodtong USA, as well as Joe Silva Patrick Cote and a bunch of others. They took me out and showed me how awesome Boston can be and to be honest had me second guessin comin home. lolBut above all the trip would have been worth a million dollars in my eyes because I got to find out a better understanding of my situation and relationship with the UFC. I need to work on my wrestling and takedown defense no doubt, along with getting better and better at my all around game including my BJJ, getting up from my back, and yes I will continue to improve my Muay Thai even further... like I have said from the beginning I am a true martial artist and have and will represent Jeet Kune Do Concepts till I die. Bruce Lee opened my eyes to what being a true martial artist is all about and it goes much deeper than just athleticism, techniques, and moves... It is a way of life, it is a philosophy and what martial arts means is the expression of ones self truthfully and honestly... My path is still very bright and I look forward to showing you all some kick ass entertaining fights in the near future! =)-BS