Toney: I'm gonna make Dana eat Randy's gloves


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supersaiyan site profile image  

8/25/10 6:52 PM by supersaiyan

lol x 2 ^^^

Kai Tremeche site profile image  

8/24/10 9:42 PM by Kai Tremeche


MMAOutbreak site profile image  

8/24/10 9:07 PM by MMAOutbreak

I would say punchy, but I think he was well below average to begin with.

clarkkentblue site profile image  

8/24/10 8:18 PM by clarkkentblue

fu...k,,,this is getting close to a work,dana has arranged things so as to have tonney clueless and unprepared

omgwtfeat1 site profile image  

8/24/10 6:48 PM by omgwtfeat1

toney could actually win everyone has that punchers chance but if randy gets his down i think he wont know what to do and will get subbed

supersaiyan site profile image  

8/24/10 6:40 PM by supersaiyan

at least he is passing around n sharing something for dana and randy ... he aint greedy u know :P

Doo Doo site profile image  

8/24/10 6:04 PM by Doo Doo

I want Randy to win but ppl tend to forget he has the tendecy to try and prove shit...I wouldnt surprise me if he comes out trying to prove he can stand with a boxer...

grenade site profile image  

8/24/10 5:55 PM by grenade

toney is like mentally challenged or something.

scrapdo site profile image  

8/24/10 5:35 PM by scrapdo

 After watching the countdown, I think Toney will fail a steroids test for this fight if given the opportunity