Lindland responds to Ed Herman's criticism


Ed Herman

"I'd been wanting to make a move for a while. Things are kind of falling apart out in Oregon at (Team) Quest a little bit, and Matt Lindland's not the best person to be around all the time, so we needed to make our move."

"There's no bridges burned or anything, but I didn't like the way fighters were getting taken care of. I didn't like the way students were getting taken care of. There were a lot of promises to me that were never fulfilled. So we had to make a move and make things happen ourself instead of bitching and whining about stuff (and) not having this and not having that."

"Chael did all that pretty much without any training partners. [Chael's] main training partner is Tyson Jeffries, who's a stud young guy, and maybe Matt Lindland and a couple of other guys like Pat and Ryan Healy. But those are his main training partners getting ready for that fight against Anderson Silva. Team Quest didn't bring in one person to help."

"Chael has been one of my greatest partners for years and years, and I hated to leave him, but Matt really left us no choice."

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Matt Lindland

"Ed never stepped onto an MMA mat before he came to our gym. We've done a lot to make him a pretty darn good fighter and a lot to make him more marketable. We got him on that TV show and helped him build a career. I think some of these younger guys get a little fame, a little notoriety and it goes to their head. They think everyone owes them something. It's hard to be successful in this sport with that kind of attitude, an attitude of entitlement."

"It's almost like he's a little jealous of all the attention Chael Sonnen's gotten. There was a time when Ed was getting all that attention, all those accolades. Ed had his moment to shine on the TV show and he did great, fought his heart out in a great finals. But he's been hurt and been out for awhile with an injury. Keep in mind that this is all coming from a guy who hasn't even been in the gym  for a year. He's not in the limelight. Maybe he's not getting recognized in the clubs?"

"There is no magic pill or a magic coach we can hire. You have to put the time and the work in.

"Ed wanted more but he doesn't even take advantage of what he already has. He's got loyal and dedicated sparring partners, great MMA coaches like Robert Follis and a great boxing coach like Clayton Hires. It's just unfortunate. People move on and that's fine. But don't leave and badmouth someone that's been trying to help you for almost a decade and make disparaging remarks about your team and your teammates publicly. If he had something to say, he could have said it to me, not gone out and done an interview."

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Philanderer site profile image  

8/25/10 8:18 PM by Philanderer

Lindland doesnt address not bringing in guys for Sonnen's fight

GaymidaGaydan site profile image  

8/25/10 8:13 PM by GaymidaGaydan

There is truth to what lindland is saying. I am guilty of it my self.I always want the newest training, i bought the jonathan chaimborg DVD, then when bj penn was on countdown i want to check out the marv marinovich stuff. I am always trying to figure out the best new diet with precision nutricion now i am curious about the dolce diet.But really if i ate brown rice, white chicken and brocolli for dinner and lunch and oatmeal for breakfast, and then went to muay thai and BJJ Class after work and did sprints a couple times a week i would be ripped up and a beast in the gym. I always want new stuff, while not taking full advantage of what i currently have or know.

Fake Rassler site profile image  

8/25/10 8:04 PM by Fake Rassler

Not the first former quest fighter to criticize the way lindland runs things. Maybe Matt doesn't recognize the value of bubble bath immersion training?

FloridaStriker site profile image  

8/25/10 8:00 PM by FloridaStriker

wah wah lindland's gym didnt revolved around me wah wah wah. Fucking self entitled pussies coming up in the world. Just ugh

piratepirate site profile image  

8/25/10 8:00 PM by piratepirate

 If he wasn't happy with what Quest had to offer, why did he stay there for so long? Its not a secret they don't run a killer BJJ program or something.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

8/25/10 7:57 PM by Hong Kong Phooey

 someone has a short fuse

livedevil site profile image  

8/25/10 7:53 PM by livedevil

LOL at the Sherminator...Lindland owns his ass.

Philanderer site profile image  

8/25/10 7:47 PM by Philanderer

Whats the saying about one side and the other side, and the truth being somewhere in between?

RJJH site profile image  

8/25/10 6:52 PM by RJJH

Lindland by Decision

Humbert Humbert site profile image  

8/25/10 6:51 PM by Humbert Humbert

nate is a limited guy who does the most with what he has. i want to agree with lindland, but it's pretty crazy if they didn't bring any training partners in for chael's title fight.