Gurgel: 'I won't let Franklin fight Jon Jones'


Highlights from the Jorge Gurgel interview:

Jorge says Strikeforce has some responsibility to "make it right" after referee mistakes and give him another fight, even if he doesn't expect a KJ rematch

Jorge says that fans criticize him for standing up AND not standing up, but that people give him shit about standing too much all the time and even his own students do now as well.

On Mauro talking about his "career shortening" fights: "Do I look like I give a s---?"

The plan was to take KJ down! In later rounds, too bad it didn't get that far.

Jorge says he won't allow Rich Franklin to fight Jon Jones. Says he wants Jones to make Tito cry and that Rich needs to fight older guys.

listen to entire interview...

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cincibill site profile image  

8/26/10 6:08 PM by cincibill

He got more than his fair share of fights in the big leagues, he just can't compete at that level.Look at his record, who has he beaten? Mostly Midwest guys with bad records where Jorge had several times the training experience. Who has beaten Jorge? Is that a list of greats?Sounds like he believes his own hype. Does he think the mma fan gives a shit if they see him fight?

caged conflict site profile image  

8/26/10 5:28 PM by caged conflict

almost bought a pro name to vote this up. so true.

vengence site profile image  

8/26/10 8:46 AM by vengence

well... hmmmmatt hume, neal rowe, rob radford also have a say. just sayin...........

GoldMedaLInTapping(R) site profile image  

8/26/10 8:38 AM by GoldMedaLInTapping(R)

Bunch of fucking haters here. If he didnt stand and wang bitches would be complaining about how he's a blanket. Fucking asshats. Jorge is the man.

solidsnake site profile image  

8/26/10 8:32 AM by solidsnake

The man is really close to his students. I remember being on the sideline during one of his seminars and when he walked in, he knew everybody by first name and went around to say hello. Some he had probably only met once and not seen the rest in months. It was damn impress!

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

8/26/10 8:11 AM by Naughty Gorilla

Tell me i'm powerful

sparkuri site profile image  

8/26/10 7:47 AM by sparkuri

 Jorge Gurgel vs. Wallid Ismael MAKE IT HAPPEN !!

brahmabull81 site profile image  

8/26/10 7:32 AM by brahmabull81

Dude needs to keep his fucking political views on his politcal show..... Jesus, he was on about that Rich shit again when its really none of his fucking business, let alone his place to judge, ON AN MMA SHOW.Does he hate the UFC for a bunch of legit reasons or is he just Ragin Against the Machine?Other than that, good stuff.

donttazemebro site profile image  

8/26/10 4:58 AM by donttazemebro

Jorge really is a nice guy and by all accounts a great friend and a good teacher with a good gi BJJ game. He did say he was going to take noons down "later" in the fight so maybe he's weening himself off the standup by going 50/50 like a methadone addict?? lol jkTTT for jorge

Jack Scagnetti site profile image  

8/26/10 1:27 AM by Jack Scagnetti

"-Jorge says he WON'T allow Rich Franklin to fight Jon Jones. Says he wants Jones to make Tito cry and that Rich needs to fight older guys"Jones would kill Franklin.