Spencer Fisher arrested in Iowa

source: cagepotato.com

UFC lightweight Spencer Fisher  was arrested in Bettendorf, Iowa on Tuesday for "interfering with an official act," which could mean anything from tearing up a parking ticket a meter maid was writing him to refusing to allow animal control to take his dog that had gotten loose from his yard.

He was released on $300 bond on his own recognizance.

Here's a further description of the charge from the Sioux City Police:

A person who knowingly resists or obstructs anyone known by the person to be a civilian city employee in the performance of any act which is within the scope of the lawful duty or authority of that employee commits a simple misdemeanor. However, this section shall not apply to interference with a peace officer, firefighter, or any authorized person serving or executing civil or criminal process or court order. This section does not apply if a person commits an interference with official acts as defined in this section and in so doing inflicts bodily injury or attempts to inflict serious bodily injury or displays a dangerous weapon or is armed with a firearm. The terms “resist” and “obstruct” as used in this section, do not include verbal harassment unless the verbal harassment is accompanied by a present ability and apparent intention to execute a verbal threat physically. (Ord. 99-8131; 90/T-8391)

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soldierdad5417 site profile image  

8/28/10 4:50 AM by soldierdad5417

 I just got on here to make a joke about Reggie Warren helping Spencer out. It's the least he could do after kicking Spencer's ass, blah blah blah. Nevermind, well played Reggie, well played.

biggator site profile image  

8/27/10 4:43 PM by biggator

 yea cops. i bet the officer got a hardon when they cuffed him.

Reggie Warren Jr site profile image  

8/27/10 3:56 PM by Reggie Warren Jr

 Just talked to Spencer and he wants me to clear some things up on here for his fans. The scary little wolverine will be away from the computer for a while and doesn't want ya'll sticking up for him without knowing the truth. Many fighters out there, including myself, have been guilty of not knowing how to deal with fame. I'm not sure how this happens, but every once in a while a phone number from a random whore will make it's way in to your cell.  Spencer fucked up...had some numbers he shouldn't have, his wife found them, she was pissed, he drove home to fix the problem and double parked his car in the alley behind his house(which is 30 yards from his daughters school), Spencer was confronted by his wife and they started arguing, the cops showed up, they told Spencer to move his car, he didn't listen, Spencer was arrested. End of story. Spencer wants me to thank everyone for their support and hopes ya'll will understand and learn a lesson from his mistakes. He worked things out with his wife. This is not a troll job and I was asked directly from Spencer to please post this.

FSMA site profile image  

8/27/10 2:55 PM by FSMA

Yeah, I know! There's no reason why he should listen to what a cop is telling him to do.

glasscasket site profile image  

8/27/10 2:55 PM by glasscasket

Kings can park where they want.

BZLJJ site profile image  

8/27/10 2:45 PM by BZLJJ

 As a bail bondsman (part-time) that works in the same city in which Spencer was arrested, I can tell you that his bail was $300 and he would have posted only 10% ($30), but the minimum we take is $50. I assume our competitor (the company that bonded him out), works the same way. So, the amount he actually paid was $50. If he doesn't show up to court, the bondsman is responsible for the difference. . I am not really sure what that has to do with anything, but I just thought that I would clarify. It is NOT $3000. The $300 was what he would have paid in CASH if he decided NOT to go through a bonding company.

mrzipplokk site profile image  

8/27/10 2:40 PM by mrzipplokk

 Well I wasn't there. you have no idea really what went down.

Mike Russell site profile image  

8/27/10 2:21 PM by Mike Russell

 The fact that they throw you in jail for it doesn't seem like BS to you?

mrzipplokk site profile image  

8/27/10 1:59 PM by mrzipplokk

 what's bs about it ?