Maynard over Florian in unexciting fashion

by Michael David Smith | source:

Gray Maynard beat Kenny Florian by unanimous decision, staying undefeated in his professional MMA career and controlling the fight with a wrestling style that is brutally effective but not particularly entertaining to the fans.

There was a long feeling out process in the first round, with Florian landing just a few kicks and Maynard landing nothing at all. For the first four minutes of the first round, Florian was able to fight his fight, and although Maynard did manage to secure a takedown in the round's final minute.

With about two minutes left in the second round Maynard started going for the takedown again, and this time he got into side control and hurt Florian with some hard punches.

In the third Maynard put Florian on his back again, although this time Florian was more active from the bottom, landing some punches to the face as well as an upkick, and he twice tried to secure an omoplata.

"I'd love to come back here and have you guys cheer for me some time," Maynard said as the fans booed him at the end of a fairly boring fight.

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chuckwells69 site profile image  

8/29/10 12:14 PM by chuckwells69

this fight should have gotten back to the feet about five times. bad officiating!!! ufc refs are starting to suck more and more every fight.

ajsr site profile image  

8/29/10 8:42 AM by ajsr

 As boring as Maynard is, Kenny gave him the fight on a plate. He needs to be less concerned with implementing misguided gameplans and remember that you actually have to go out and fight.

MentaL site profile image  

8/29/10 8:35 AM by MentaL

 Morning, Maynard sucks,

easedel site profile image  

8/29/10 5:06 AM by easedel

Dana needs to give away pillows to the first 1000 at the next maynard ( lentz, fitch, rashad ) fights

NorthSlopePipeNinja site profile image  

8/29/10 2:58 AM by NorthSlopePipeNinja

Ya, Gray won another decision Ya, he fought a smart fight I'd still rather watch paint dry

jayhaas08 site profile image  

8/29/10 2:24 AM by jayhaas08

Alot of you guys ... Are dumb

rockwell site profile image  

8/29/10 1:59 AM by rockwell

Exactly so other fighters need to make it a priority. Kenflo shoulda spent his ENTIRE camp in a good wrestling programme.

bbbobb site profile image  

8/29/10 1:50 AM by bbbobb

Face it out of the top 2 in every weight class in the UFC all but anderson use wrestling as their main base.

rockwell site profile image  

8/29/10 1:45 AM by rockwell

Maynard won. Simples. Instead of botching about him why not bitch about the fool who didn't learn wrestling. Next time I watch a ko I'm gonna complain that the guy who won only won because the other guy wasn't as good at striking. Jokers.