Couture makes short work of Toney

by Ken Pishna | source:

There were no surprises. Couture immediately took Toney down and started to go to work from full mount. He took his time, softening Toney up with punches, and then took the gift that Toney gave him by way of sticking his left arm in the air.

Couture attempted a side choke from mount, twice. But when he couldn’t finish from mount, Couture eventually slid off to the side, applying the appropriate leverage to finish the choke, and likely, Toney’s time in the Octagon.

“I’ve been working that arm triangle for over a year now” said Couture.  Couture’s jiu-jitsu coach, Neil Melanson, appreciated the effort and handed the head of Xtreme Couture his black belt in the Octagon after the fight.

Toney still appears to be in denial about his efforts in mixed martial arts, saying, “My ground game is alright, I just fought a great fighter.”

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triso site profile image  

8/30/10 11:57 AM by triso

Where are the boxing fanboys/trolls on this thread? Come eat your crow/make your excuses.Where are the dumbasses that still think strikers with no grappling experience will easily KO grapplers? Come eat your crow/make your excuses.

David@AccutestMi site profile image  

8/30/10 9:39 AM by David@AccutestMi

 Toney got MAULED. Anyone who actually thought he had even a punchers chance is an idiot.

Big Pun site profile image  

8/30/10 9:08 AM by Big Pun

I thought he was called Lights Out because he was tough. Turns out it's just a fight prediction

caged conflict site profile image  

8/30/10 1:46 AM by caged conflict

In retrospect, the guy on here last week that you guys blasted as being jelous for hating on Toneys MMA "trainer" was right. You could tell during the prefight hype interviews that he was lying to himself and didn't know ish. This was backed up by Toney not grasping the most elementary white belt level moves on the ground. This "trainer" was worse than that "Apollo" fake that trained that bobsledding wannabe in the Rickson Gracie "Choke" movie. CLOWNSHOES! You guys all owe him an apology

Libersolis site profile image  

8/29/10 9:57 PM by Libersolis

It amazes me that so many people ignored the past 17 years of martial arts evolution and picked Toney to win this fight. At first I assumed it was just trolling, but people were actually backing up their reasoning with long statements so it became apparent that they really da believe that Toney was going to win, and going to win easily. I can understand people thinking that back in 1993, but how does history and hard evidence get completely ignored by people like CRE and others? Have these people ever grappled a day in their lives? Do they not realize the gap between a noob and a seasoned veteran grappler?

William Bittencourt site profile image  

8/29/10 9:41 PM by William Bittencourt

Loser Toney!!!!!

CokeBoyz site profile image  

8/29/10 3:49 PM by CokeBoyz

Toney is a nice boxer, but i wish he would've trained longer and with a better camp. It's obvious this was coming.

MentaL site profile image  

8/29/10 8:46 AM by MentaL

  Randy Couture vs James Toney Category: Fights # Views: 1

Grouchy site profile image  

8/29/10 2:48 AM by Grouchy

Best athlete wonMost well rounded fighter wonShocker. Now Toney can get the f**k out

SinCityHustler site profile image  

8/29/10 2:48 AM by SinCityHustler

 No shit, we're saying the same thing here.