Belfort vs. Okami to headline UFC 122 in Germany


A middleweight bout between top contenders Vitor Belfort and Yushin Okami is expected to headline November's UFC 122 event, which airs on Spike TV. UFC 122 takes Nov. 13 at Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

The event – though not officially announced – airs via same-day delay on the UFC's longtime cable partner.

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Wasa-B site profile image  

8/30/10 5:30 PM by Wasa-B

Terrible matchup for Okami imo.But the match making makes sense. Okami should have to beat an elite/top 5er to seal his shot. Vitor needs a tuner first b4 Anderson.But i also thought Chael vs Vitor, Nate vs Okami made sense.

French Fries Malone site profile image  

8/30/10 4:37 PM by French Fries Malone

another day at the office, another ko for the new victor belfort .

chabone site profile image  

8/30/10 4:15 PM by chabone

This is a bad match up for Vitor. I will be rooting for him, but it's gonna be a tough fight.

Brian Rule site profile image  

8/30/10 4:13 PM by Brian Rule

this. vitor struggles to make (and probably even misses) 185 and okami works him over like henderson did. may even test positive in defeat like he did with the hendo fight. and of course yet another ug bandwagon instantly disappears and claims never having liked him

frontrowbrian site profile image  

8/30/10 4:02 PM by frontrowbrian

 Okami beats the vastly overhyped Vitor Belfort

French Fries Malone site profile image  

8/30/10 3:57 PM by French Fries Malone

 vitor and he will make it look easy!!

Bumbaclot site profile image  

8/30/10 3:34 PM by Bumbaclot

 Okami is going to beat Belfort then finish what Sonnen started. Quote me on this. Belfort is going to get ragdolled in this one and TKOed to a stoppage.

bjjboxer site profile image  

8/30/10 3:31 PM by bjjboxer

Vitor by KO !!!!!!!!!

fna site profile image  

8/30/10 3:26 PM by fna

 Great job by the UFC....Okami has been overlooked considering his W-L record in the UFC so far, basically only missing a huge name win from his UFC resume.......AND Belfort was highly undeserving of a title shot right now since he hadn't even fought in the UFC at 185 yet.  A win here gives much more legitimacy to either getting the next 185 shot.

sewich site profile image  

8/28/10 8:58 PM by sewich

so what other hoop will they have Okami jump through to get to Anderson if he beats Vitor?