Mike Cies leaves Miletich Fighting Systems

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After 7 years I just left MFS

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I feel fortunate to have been part of MFS in Iowa the last 7 yrs, moving there was a great choice and helped me accomplish lots of my goals. I was part of the greatest mma team of all time, The Black Legion. I made alot of life long friends and got trained by the best coach of all time, Pat Miletich. I could write a book on some of the stuff that happened there. I trained along side guys like Hughes, Pulver, Sylvia, Lawler, Horn, Eilers, Neer, Spencer, Hoger, Sherman Pendergarst, Brandon Adamson, mike Hueser, drew Mcfedries, ben earwood, Joe slick, Whitehead, Wiuff, Jason Black, Corey Hill, Tony Fryklund, Jason Reinhardt, and many more. I can't forget my buddies on the IFL team where we won 2 outta 3 titles. I never wanted to leave Iowa or MFS but I have to writ my next chapter.
Some of my IFL teammates who I had good memories with: Rory Markham, Bartimus and Ben Uker the most as we always roomed together on trips. Guys like Ben Rothwell, Ryan Mcgivern, Jesse Lennox, LC Davis, Travis Wiuff, Sam Hoger, Josh Neer and great coaches Pat Miletich, ADCC Steve Rusk, UFC vet Nate Schroeder.

I don't know where for sure, east coast to regroup. Jason Black doesn't come around anymore, we lost contact a year ago. I almost forgot Nick Ackerman, adcc vet, naga champ, NCAA champ with no lower legs. That dude evolved my grappling alot

I have so many stories not only training wise that are brutal but other things that would make your head spin and jaw drop. Mostly the book would be half matt Hughes and half tim Sylvia haha. Anyway I'm driving home from Iowa to PA now, about 15 hrs.

Some of the key figures at MFS, Jeremy horn was always someone I tried to emulate, big influence on me. Jens Pulver was a killer man, one of the smallest guys in the room bur everyone was terrified of him. Robbie Lawler keeps to himself alot, didn't talk to me for the longest time but the last 3-4 yrs we became close he treated me like a brother. I will miss the old days alot. I will check in later, gotta get on the road. I made this thread because I feel like I was
part of something really special.

Also big thanks to Monte Cox who guided me and taught me so much about how the MMA world works, best manager of all time and a legitimately good person

Thanks to BZLJJ and his family who took me into his home for 3 months until I got on my feet in Iowa. He was a big part of helping me adjust and I'm sure he will come on here and tell the story how I tried to get in the wrong car after sparring and lots of other stories to add to this thread.

One of the most underated skill sets I learned from pat Miletich was cornering fighters. 15x in UFC, IFL's, Affliction, Adrenaline, etc, etc. We shared the corner lots of times for huge fights.

Joe Jordan, Mark Hansen, Laverne Clark, Luke and Jesse Johnson, Rodrigo Uzeda, Pedro Silviera, Marshall blevins, Zach Micklewright. I could go on forever

There comes a time I need to switch up my training, I got stale and lost motivation, 7 yrs is a long time to live in IOWA man. lol i need to see my family in PA more also before I make a decision.

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Bawls site profile image  

3/15/11 7:22 PM by Bawls

 TTT.. there needs to be a book written

jittaz site profile image  

10/20/10 1:04 PM by jittaz


MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

9/22/10 5:03 PM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

The streetfight story was sick! It was outside a bar called the Carriage Haus in downtown Davenport, IA about 10 mins from Pats gym in Bettendorg, IA. Some dudes picked a fight and parked my car in. What followed was scary man. I never even got my leg outta the drivers side...Markham and Rothwell had highlight reel KO's.

TBidness site profile image  

9/22/10 1:11 PM by TBidness

Rothwell/Mike C/Markham street fighting story outside Hooters I believe? that was classic.

Peckerwood site profile image  

9/22/10 12:34 PM by Peckerwood

LOL great Jens/Ben story!

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

9/22/10 2:18 AM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

Thanks Ben! Miss training with ya man! For the record Pat Miletich helped me and cornered me for my first back in 15 months this past wknd at Prestige FC in Alberta, Canada. We are still on good terms even though i dont live in Iowa anymore.

White347LX site profile image  

9/13/10 4:47 PM by White347LX

Awesome thread from a great guy!

TBidness site profile image  

9/13/10 4:39 PM by TBidness


Rumbler site profile image  

9/11/10 3:54 AM by Rumbler

 4LTR. The book should be about the gym(MFS). Not just one fighter. Many fighters will share their stories and get a small cut of the profits.  Now that book would sell! Thanks for the stories Mike! P.S. Wolfman training vid's plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;)

VARIOUS site profile image  

9/11/10 3:20 AM by VARIOUS

 ttt for more