Diaz dominates, chokes out Davis

by Matt Bishop | source: mmaforreal.com

Nate Diaz's second venture at 170 pounds was a dominant performance.

Diaz mangled Marcus Davis' face for 14 minutes before taking him to the ground and choking him unconscious with 59 seconds left in the fight.

"I feel good," Diaz said afterward. "I think I broke my hand in the second round."

But while Diaz may have suffered a broken bone, it was Davis who really suffered in the fight.

At the start of the third and final round referee Yves Lavigne told Davis to protect his eye, as if he needed to be reminded. Diaz continued battering Davis's face, and by about the two minute mark Davis's eye was horribly swollen. Finally Diaz took Davis down, sunk in a guillotine choke and kept tightening his grip until Davis was unconscious and Lavigne finally called the fight to a halt.

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Rib Crusher site profile image  

8/29/10 12:39 PM by Rib Crusher

you really think diaz would duck anyone. when he said he wants a top 3 guy next? shut up

NHBDaddy site profile image  

8/29/10 12:32 PM by NHBDaddy

Nate looks much better at 170

jiujitsujosh site profile image  

8/29/10 11:39 AM by jiujitsujosh

I think I might have been the only Diaz fan in the room, and it was so great to see Davis get absolutely mauled in front of his hometown crowd. Boston might have some of the biggest haters of all time.

inf0 site profile image  

8/29/10 2:37 AM by inf0

 lmfao @ anyone who even gave Davis a chance..... give me a break

michaelkaras site profile image  

8/29/10 2:36 AM by michaelkaras

All I gotta say is that supercalo is probably cutting himself right now hahahahahhahahaha

madmav site profile image  

8/29/10 2:01 AM by madmav

 it's the difference between ufc and those other shows..

mean machine  site profile image  

8/29/10 1:55 AM by mean machine

Good thing no one came in the ring to challenge Nate Diaz . Gang violence would have erupted.

tempus site profile image  

8/29/10 1:51 AM by tempus

Humbling, isn't it?

mean machine  site profile image  

8/29/10 1:41 AM by mean machine

Eves Levigne has got to go .He is going to get someone killed.He was out the first time he grabbed his hand and the second and the third . I think he waiting for Marcus to do the Hulk Hogan and hold up his finger or something .That was scary . I was worried for Marcus after that .

ChicagoTom site profile image  

8/29/10 1:35 AM by ChicagoTom

diaz has definitely matured as a fighter in the octagon. We need Nick back asap.