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by Joe Lauzon | source: joelauzon.com

Typically when I fight somewhere, there are around 100 people or so that end up flying out to wherever I am fighting. They spend money on tickets to the event, airfare, hotels, food, etc. I have brought armies to Colorado, Omaha, Florida, California and Las Vegas but none have been anything like fighting at home. It had been over 4 years since I fought at home and the welcoming back was amazing.

I have always had a great support network at my fights, but this one was unbelievable. I can't express how thankful I am to have such a strong following here. My friends are the best and you guys all came out in force. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

In the old days my training camp mainly consisted of Joe Pomfret, Chris and Jay Palmquist and a couple other guys. This camp was the largest and the best though. Fighting really is a team effort.

Joe Pomfret is the beginning and the end of all things fighting for me. "Fight Dad" got me started and is always the last guy in my ear before a fight. He says the right things at the right time... even when at the time I don't always 100% agree. He is always right though.

Steve Maze was pulling for the knockout of the night... but what boxing coach wouldn't be? He had me SHARP for this fight. You only got to see a couple punches before I took the fight to the ground, but had we been on our feet for longer or even the whole fight, you would have seen a huge improvement there.

Steve Baccari is like duct tape. Whether I have an injury and need some kind of rehab exercise, I am just having a bad day and need a quote to laugh at, or need to work on smashing someone on the inside... Steve is the guy. Steve has been involved in one form of brutality or another for 30 years and is the go to guy. It's always a good idea having someone watch over me to make sure I don't do anything stupid in training...

Chris Palmquist gets ish done. Chris runs and structures a LOT of my training sessions and just keeps me focused on the fight. There is no one I depend on more than Chris. Period. Chris does everything from scheduling doctors appointments, getting me licensed, handling tickets and t-shirts, covering classes when I have something going on to being one of my best training partners in the gym. If anyone in the gym could best emulate Gabe Ruediger, Chris was clearly the best match. Chris looks like the nerdy office guy with the receding hairline that couldn't do anything.... and next thing you know you are at Plymouth Plantation face down unconscious in a bush. Whatever needs doing... Chris is my guy. He is also the guy I am coming looking for when I find half a dozen credit cards opened in my name that I know nothing about.

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Jack Skellington site profile image  

9/14/10 2:50 AM by Jack Skellington


paw site profile image  

8/31/10 10:24 AM by paw

 Fantastic performance.  Congrats Joe!

Bukkake site profile image  

8/31/10 9:43 AM by Bukkake

Joe I was at the event in Boston, you fucking dominated.  Watched it again when I got back to NYC and it was that much more impressive.  Keep up the great work, big things ahead for you in the UFC.  Brilliant work

B0NESAW site profile image  

8/31/10 9:26 AM by B0NESAW

Agreed.. Joe sucks. Lets get him in there with a real opponent like Jeremy Stephens!

Jason site profile image  

8/31/10 9:07 AM by Jason

 I couldn't agree more! does anyone really think this Joe Lauzon guy is even a top 30 lw fighter in the UFC? 

WillHaven site profile image  

8/31/10 7:30 AM by WillHaven

Great fight Joe. Probably the most one-sided beating I have ever seen. So much for you not being able to tap him out ha ha.

Archer0545 site profile image  

8/31/10 7:04 AM by Archer0545

 Best fight on the card by far, congrats Joe, always a fan

Ew0k187 site profile image  

8/31/10 3:40 AM by Ew0k187

congrats palhuge display during that fight

Juzz site profile image  

8/31/10 3:37 AM by Juzz

 Good fight mate cant wait for your next...

evangelico site profile image  

8/31/10 1:39 AM by evangelico

saw your man beat kron at the pans this year. was pulling for kron, but abmar still won me as a fan. epic match, one of my favorites that i saw.