Best and worst of UFC 118

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Biggest Winner: Frankie Edgar
Remember how ridiculous it was to think that a judge had scored every round for Edgar in his first fight with Penn? This time around, it would have been equally ridiculous to suggest that he didn't win all five rounds. Edgar took Penn down when he wanted, worked with impunity out of his once fearsome guard, and smashed him in the face at will. That's how you do it when you want to leave no doubt as to who the champ is.

Biggest Loser: James Toney
Not that we expected him to look like a seasoned MMA vet, but damn. He got taken down with a move that Couture admitted he wouldn't even bother to attempt on someone who knew what they were doing, and once on his back he resembled one of those hapless kung fu instructors in the old 'Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Action' videos. He simply had no clue what he was doing, and it showed. What I can't help but wonder is, did he realize he had almost zero chance in this fight, but felt the money was worth the beating and the embarrassment? Or is Toney so out of touch with reality that he really believed he'd knock Couture's head off his shoulders? It kills me to think we may never know the answer to that question.

Most Likely to Be Arrested for Assault: Joe Lauzon
I realize it was a professional athletic competition and all, but the beating Lauzon put on Gabe Ruediger seemed like something an especially sadistic older brother would do if you ratted on him for hiding Playboys under his mattress. Ruediger wasn't competitive in this fight for a second. He and Lauzon weren't exactly buddies before this, and you have to factor in Lauzon's added adrenaline from fighting in his home state, but still. That was the kind of throttling most of us reserve only for our true enemies.

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RickStorm site profile image  

8/31/10 6:38 PM by RickStorm

Thats a pretty good article...

GodSaveTheQueen site profile image  

8/31/10 6:31 PM by GodSaveTheQueen

I could have wrote that article in four words. Best = Lauzon Worst = Lentz.

palerider101 site profile image  

8/31/10 6:21 PM by palerider101

^^^i agree. i think fighters go in to fights also wanting those bonuses. more money more money

joesumo26 site profile image  

8/31/10 5:44 PM by joesumo26

I wont say it was assault, but i definitely feel like it was the most entertaining fight to watch. It was like Nate and Marcus agreed before the fight to just stand their and bang with each other for three rounds. With a claus added in the end that if neither can knock the other out, Nate would get full authority to go to his roots and sub Marcus by any means necessary.

palerider101 site profile image  

8/30/10 10:44 PM by palerider101

nate should be the one arrested for assault. that was a nice beat down. nate was looking for fight of the night and got it

maxmain site profile image  

8/30/10 10:37 PM by maxmain

By far the most exciting

wrestler189 site profile image  

8/30/10 10:31 PM by wrestler189

^that was an incredibly exciting fight on TV as well. That beatdown looked something like how a fight between me and Joe would go.Not saying Gabe is a bad fighter. He has looked great lately, took the fight on 3 weeks notice and wasnt even training when he got the call because he was injured. Gabe is a legit black belt and a solid striker, but man did Joe kick his ass

Chris site profile image  

8/30/10 10:25 PM by Chris

I might be bias, but being there live Lauzon vs. Ruediger was actually the most exciting fight of the night.