Report: UFC cuts eight fighters

source: The Underground

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TheBigBadBootyDaddy site profile image  

9/7/10 12:32 PM by TheBigBadBootyDaddy

Posts are out there that Karlos Vemola is scheduled to fight Seth Petruzelli at UFC 122

saerbarnet site profile image  

9/2/10 3:39 PM by saerbarnet

Wouldn't "Bye bye" imply that you're in the UFC? Which you're not since you're stuck in the minors fighting Tiny. lol

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9/2/10 3:28 PM by Russ

Rudiger took the fight on short notice and said he was promised another chance with Joe Silva.i respect that.

cormano_wild site profile image  

9/2/10 2:31 PM by cormano_wild

Wait, why isn't Gabe Rudiger on that list? They cut Steinbeiss & Irvin but keep Rudiger?

AnthonyBrancato site profile image  

9/2/10 5:28 AM by AnthonyBrancato

Rodney Wallace just got in touch with Jillian Barberie-Reynolds, about joining her "team."

Justin Smith site profile image  

9/2/10 4:44 AM by Justin Smith

This asshole is worse then Puder

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9/2/10 3:07 AM by AMR Group

The AMR Group has been lucky enough to have represented Nate Quarry for nearly two years now and I can assure everyone, he has not been cut by the UFC.  Nate has simply taken time off due to the injuries he sustained in his March 31st fight with Jorge Rivera, injuries that resulted in a 6 month suspension which at this point has not been completed. Nate suffered a fractured cheek bone that required surgical repair with titanium mesh that is held in place by several screws, and while the procedure sounds career threatening, Nate's doctors have assured us that not only can he continue to compete at the professional level, but the reconstructive surgery has actually made his face stronger then before. I hope this clears up any misconception as to Nate's status with the UFC.

Rand McPherson site profile image  

9/1/10 10:44 PM by Rand McPherson

Uh, no.

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9/1/10 10:12 PM by PrettyBoy

Who the fuck are those guys amirite??