Marcus Davis apologizes for performance, eye injury update


The following is a statement released by Marcus Davis following his submission loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 118 in Boston on Saturday, August 28.

I am now home resting with my family. I want to thank all the people who supported me and all the people with team Irish MMA, team Gurgel, and team Sityodtong for all the help preparing for the match.

I left the fight in the puddles of sweat on the floor of Sityodtong. I was over trained and never took the rest to recuperate that I should have. Within minutes of the first round my legs felt like I had just ran a marathon and they never came back. Today my thighs feel as though I spent the weekend lifting weights. I am known to have good footwork but had none that night.

The accidental head clashes caused most of the damage to the right side of my face and eye. I have three lacerations, two over the right eye and one under it. My CAT scan came back good. No breaks or fractures. The eye itself is being looked at. I had my second appointment today and my next one is in a week. Although I'm having some cloudy vision it is much better than it was initially and with rest it should return to 100 percent.

I apologize to my supporters, team, friends and sponsors for not performing to my full potential. Being recognized for fight of the night honors is great and that's why I fight- to entertain- but I wish I could have done so the way I have done in previous fights. Thank you again.

A pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood...
General S. Patton


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crazydave site profile image  

9/5/10 3:08 AM by crazydave

Nate beat dat ass!

Bill Pharoni site profile image  

9/5/10 2:36 AM by Bill Pharoni

He's a good fighter sometimes, but really comes across as phony to me. I understand why people don't like him.

tmr site profile image  

9/5/10 1:49 AM by tmr

 Lasting in the fight as long is one thing, making a shitty excuse dissing Nate is another...

Mix6APlix site profile image  

9/4/10 3:16 AM by Mix6APlix

Many many fighters would have quit in the same situation. Many doctors and refs would have stopped the fight earlier. Props to Davis for going out like a warrior. Honestly, I didnt expect Nate to kick his ass. But Davis never quit while taking a beating for 3 rounds. Props to Marcus Davis for being a fuckin warrior. I've never been a fan, despite thinking he was one of the most improved fighter to come out of TUF, but he will forever have my respect after the Diaz fight.

LacticAcidBuildup site profile image  

9/4/10 2:28 AM by LacticAcidBuildup

Damn.... lol. Every post is straight shittin on Marcus hahaha.Damn tho, you'd think he cut this crap out already.

Choken Necks site profile image  

9/4/10 1:35 AM by Choken Necks

I really hope this is the last we see of this guy in the UFC.

TekNyc site profile image  

9/4/10 1:09 AM by TekNyc

Very unsportsmanlike. Nate took it to him and beat him up.

bshaw1979 site profile image  

9/4/10 1:00 AM by bshaw1979


Link Deas site profile image  

9/4/10 12:19 AM by Link Deas

This is so insulting to Nate. Diaz gave him props when the fight ended and now he can't even mention his name in return?

LambertCFMMA site profile image  

9/4/10 12:04 AM by LambertCFMMA

He gave the best losing effort at UFC 118. That should count for something. I guess.Poor apology. I've never been a Marcus Davis fan and this doesn't change my mind about him. Blames over-training and a clash of heads instead of just giving Diaz his credit. Don't fighters know that it's better to put over the guy that beat you instead of making excuses? He should have said Diaz was the better fighter on that night but he gave it his all, put on a great fight, and went out like a warrior. It makes Diaz look good and makes Marcus look good because he lost to a tough guy but still gave a great fight. Instead we got this and look how it's working out for him.