Rhadi Ferguson says Rashad is a legit BJJ blackbelt

source: rhadi.com

At UFC 108, Rashad Evans was xawarded a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Rolles Gracie. Some controvery ensued about the legitimacy of the award. Below, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, BJJ black belt and Judo Olympian weighs in.


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Badmonkey site profile image  

9/10/10 11:12 PM by Badmonkey

True dat!This thread is a fucking riot...Rhadi has trained with more BJJ blackbelts than most people on here can name; he is one, has coached many, and has simply stated that Rashad is at that level; which is what Rolles and Renzo Gracie think as well... Gi or no gi? Are you anus plunging twits serious??

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

9/10/10 11:04 PM by GladiatorGannon

Unless of course his Phd thesis and the topic he had been obsessively studying for so many years had something to do with physical training or something :)

Rhadi_Ferguson site profile image  

9/10/10 10:07 PM by Rhadi_Ferguson

 @John Turner. You are more than entitled to your opinion is it certainly respected although I do not agree with it. My wife is a MD, so I certainly understand your point.  Take care,  Dr. Ferguson 

Hunter V site profile image  

9/8/10 11:17 PM by Hunter V

and if you want to respond to anything on these threads, dude do it. Its the internet, no way any of us can take this shit seriously.

Hunter V site profile image  

9/8/10 11:11 PM by Hunter V

lol, hell no with internet challenges. Those are retarded. I do know that some people talk a certain way online and not in person. I'd talk this way in person and anybody who knows me will say that. Just as you, calling it like I see it and nothing more.

John Turner site profile image  

9/8/10 11:00 PM by John Turner

Hunter V,I have nothing against you dude. My parents live in Madison, and I graduated from Southern. My initial post did not mention you at all. I asked a question to another forum member who is VERY capable of answering for himself. You started it with me with the name calling. And now you are making internet challenges for someone who would SURELY whoop my ass? Gracie South, and especially Mr. Neagle, is certainly bursting with pride.________________My feelings are not hurt. I have thick skin. I knew in advance I would get flamed when I wrote my first post on this thread. _________________I know I wrote the last post would be my final one on this thread, so sorry I felt the need to respond. No matter what, I will not post on this thread again. Best,John

Hunter V site profile image  

9/8/10 10:36 PM by Hunter V

and nope, Travis is a damn good guy, no way he ever changes. And of course we wouldn't have it any other way!

Hunter V site profile image  

9/8/10 10:13 PM by Hunter V

edit as hell maybe I came off angry since I am cutting weight, lol. You tend to get cranky when doing so.Nah, dude it sounds toolish even if you think you are legit in your reasoning. The manner in which you came across, well, is not that respectful. SO yeah, you can be viewed as being toolish as a result. And the name is David (or Big Dave at the gym). I'd say this to your face or anybody else's as hell we are all entitled to our opinions. And when it comes to PhDs, some people sign their names like that all the time whether in a academic setting or in life, they earned the damn degree so they can do whatever they want, lol.

John Turner site profile image  

9/8/10 9:45 PM by John Turner

LOL @ all the jock riding....Rhadi is a big boy; he can answer for himself. Or possibly deep down in his heart he knows I'm right. _________________I would expect more from one of Travis' students. When he finishes Mississippi College, I bet he is still "Travis". I would put good money he does not change. _________________And to all those calling me a tool or telling me to stfu, at least I have the stones to put my real name on my posts. _________________Finally, and this is my last post on this thread, in an academic setting, of course a Phd would introduce himself/herself as a doctor; a video about a fighter's BJJ skills is different story (imo).

Hunter V site profile image  

9/8/10 7:48 PM by Hunter V

just LOL. The only coming off as a tool here is you bud.